Goddess of Indigenae Giclée

Goddess of Indigenae Giclée

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This painting was created in 1998 when I was introduced to a video where I witnessed a crop circle filming. This spectacular scene was incredible to me and this fascination and wonderment, I was inspired to bring through this Goddess.

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GICLEE (pronounced gee-clai) is a French term used to describe a unique continuous-tone printing technology for creating fine art prints. Gicleur literally means 'nozzle'. This refers to the millions of micron droplets, which are sprayed through a nozzle onto archival museum quality paper/canvas per second. Using twelve different colors of ink, the result is a print of unsurpassed quality. This accurate duplication of the original art is used by major contemporary artists and is shown and collected by many major museums (i.e. Louvre, Metropolitan, Getty, etc.)


Personally embellished Giclee’s ~

White Calf Buffalo Woman, I would put fur of the White Buffalo on the image, and with the embellishing and medicine and prayers, it changes and becomes an original one of a kind personal to you.

11 x 14”  $155.    Embellished $100.  Extra total-$255.
16 x 20”  $450.    Embellished $200.  Extra total $650.
20 x 24”  $570.    Embellished $400.  Extra total $970.