After 15 years of ongoing relationship and work with the Four Peoples of La Sierra, The Mother Earth Restoration Trust (MERT) came into consideration (spiritual thought) in early 2013. Witnessing the world spiral into deeper and deeper crisis, MERT was inspired by the call from humanity to bring our collective attention to the living planet. Listening and responding to the request of the planet Herself, MERT was birthed to amplify the voice of Mother Earth (also referred to as “the Mother”). She is speaking out at this time to guide humanity along a pathway that leads to Her restoration — which ultimately is our restoration as peoples of the Earth, dependent and in communion with Her.

The guardians are watching over us, encouraging us to live in our hearts, feel and speak our own truth, and surrender to God.  There is no unknown, only unremembered, the Tall Ones, the guardians are here to help us remember.