Copy of Mother Pearl Yoga Pant

Copy of Mother Pearl Yoga Pant


These yoga pants are soft, comfortable and carry Medicine of my visionary Art on them. 

They come in small, medium and large with a choice of Gypsy Mermaid, or Mother Pearl.

Along with black/grey, brown/dark brown, brown/light brown, they come in white abundantly for those Kundalini yoga peeps, I too have dyed my white, natural indigo blue, and green and found the colors to be fun as I mix and match. I don't personally offer the dye process, but my son from PigeonTree Crafting does the indigo if anyone should want, and you can do your own green using natural chlorophyll. 


Personally when I wear them I feel the energy of the Goddess more present. I guess we women, or men, when we dress a particular way, we feel more special. Well that's what these pants do for me. 

My second round I will most definitely have the pants made longer inseam, I am tall and prefer them very long, so next run for you very tall girls, I promise! 

95% cotton, 5%lycra you don't want to machine dry these, especially if you don't want them to shrink. But if you do, turn them inside out, they will shrink an inch, but the image will fade faster. 

I recommend hand wash, hang dry.   

*for shorter inseam they are easily cut to length. 

In 2002 when I moved to Sedona, Az. my publicist encouraged me to put my art on clothing, made sense, I use to be a model in my younger years and clothing was always an expression of art for me. But at the time I was so busy with painting and writing that although I thought it a great idea, I couldn't see fitting it in. 

Today in 2017, after the publication of my Mystic Art Medicine Card deck and ready to publish my second, the "Oracle of Transcendence"  

I have now said yes to venturing into the world of fashion donning my Art. 

And I've just begun, thank you, I am excited to see what styles transpire as my clothing line evolves.

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