Vision of Mary 

Acrylic on Canvas
20” x 20” x 1”
Original $4,400

In the painting, “Vision of Mary,” it is you and me, we stand at the frozen rivers edge, an icy wind bites to the bone. The trees are barren, all is as if lifeless. Yet we are composed, we have Faith and in this knowingness a fire emanates from within. A vision soon appears of the Divine compassionate Mother, She stands on the frozen sea, the snowy moon, lights a glow Her voice once again reminds us, “you are not alone, you’ve called on me to help set you free and I am here, I am always with you.” And then Her figure merges with the mist as it rolls in from the sea and She disappears.

There was never a time She did not exist. She is in every flower, and tree, every river and sea. She is that aspect of the Divine, which is immanent and accessible. Where there is love, compassion and mercy, we see Her direct presence. Her dwelling place is always the present moment in our hearts joined in union with the Divine Masculine.

I stood on a frozen river
Before the sea…
When suddenly a vision of Mary appeared before me
She cast a whisper in my ear
“Have faith little bird
Your prayers have been heard
You’ve done your shedding
You can dry your tears”.
Mary holds the golden ray
In a misty cloud and rainbow haze…
She cleared my vision on that frozen winter day.

Cher Lyn

Mother Mary is blessing our space with Her presence in divine love and vision. She stands at the crossroads on the river of life, an apparition of love in the icy cold of winter. “Return to the still place inside my child, it is here where you will find rest and a break from the cold winds. You have suffered long enough for you have walked in battle for the Mother many times. “The battles”,” Mary says, “in truth have been with yourself. It is in my womb that you were born and to my womb, you will return in all knowingness of the Universe within. The circle is complete and infinitely recreates itself. Return to the Mother’s womb and recreate yourself new. Have Faith in yourself and follow your heart.” We get to have the Faith to be true to our hearts desires, to find the love first inside, and to know who we truly are. Just underneath the icy frozen winter the Goddess is nurturing the seeds of Humanity. They are soon to grow, have Faith in spring.

FAITH-Vision of Mary 4x5.jpg

The word Faith in itself can carry resistance because of its association with a belief that has no foundation or basis to support it. Yet somewhere inside, our belief comes from a feeling, a deeper connection to our truth.  Although we may not always be able to say why we feel a certain ascertainment, that belief is true for us and “that truth” is our foundation for Faith. Jesus demonstrated the power of Faith, in truth, he said, “if your Faith is the size of a mustard seed you will say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move; nothing will be impossible to you.” 

Miracles happen, not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we are conditioned to believe of nature. The universe cannot help us fully unless we have Faith, let go of what we think and trust, create, and be who we are. Let go and leave the driving to God, say to the universe, “thy will be done.” The final piece of the puzzle in your search for your authentic power is releasing your personalities power to your Higher Power, God. We are supported, we are not doing it alone on this Earth, give it over and have Faith.

Take some time to enter that still place inside that Mary speaks about in the all knowing universe, checking on our hearts desires and ask where in our life we could place more action in towards desire by accessing inner truth and connecting with Faith. This is the gift of what Mary brings in Her unconditional love, a gift of Faith in choices of the heart. It is our choice to choose and it is our choice where we put our attention that will lock into place our reality, make conscious observations. Our Divine birth right as human beings is to cultivate the seeds of love and melt the snow within our icy winter.

Faith in anything be it positive or be it negative produces results. Any choice from faith has the power of Heaven behind it. Any choice from fear is a violation of the energy of Faith.