Venus Returns

The eyes of a Sage, His soul lost in rage.
Those eyes I’ve seen in a million rhymes… 
 Echoing through me many lifetimes.
Those eyes I’ve seen in every man, over and over and over again.
Those eyes reflect his pain … 
Those eyes would have me see him … 
I know.

She hears his cries, She listens, She dives … 
deep … to free Her mind … the chains  that bind. 
To meet this mythical God … His heart lost in time. 

Sending light into Her keep.
She prays to awaken from this sleep.

Those eyes in truth are mine I see, 
a lost and wounded space to free ... 
I take accountability
To seek the God who is in me, 
 I dive to rise, 
… Tis love I strive.

In Her descend my heart intends
And now to you my God within … this love I send… 
She dives to arrive more compassion in her eyes.

… Her God, he cries, 
“Where have you been? You left me here with anger to send!”
 Still here you are, you have returned… 
more magic in your art, more love in your heart … “

           Om Nama Shivia, Mahia’a, Neptune, Merlin, the Green Man
Those eyes I see are every man … 
My mythical God, 
the …I that I Am.

United We come together … again

.Masculine and Feminine, Holy Child within

We rise, higher then we’ve been, 
we rise.  
Venus returns     
                                              in the bosom of the Mother. 
we rise…

Cher Lyn

No task do I thither doth bring me to bliss, till task is a measure I leave far behind… to receive me a kiss from a man sweet and kind.