The Goddess of Sexuality

Acrylic on Canvas
24” x 30” x 1”
Original Sold

In the painting of Venus, the Goddess of Sexuality, her arms are open to share love with all of Creation. She is connected to Her heart and Her truth as She is suspended in effortless union receptive with the Divine. Venus The Roman Goddess Of Love is recognized since the beginning of time as the brightest star in the heavens next to the sun. Venus primordial is a triple goddess and also has carried the names known as Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte and Aphrodite. Honored as the Love Goddess, Her one and only duty is to make Love and bring Love into the world. She is associated with the rites of Spring and Fertility and one who inspires people to love one another, celebrating the rites of Marriage. Though there are many, Venus reigns as the supreme Goddess Of Love. 

Her hair fans out gracefully like the clouds and drapes an Etheric cloak around her body, naked with nothing to hide.  Her essence and color reflect the spirit of peace and complete Freedom. Venus was born of the Sea and the Sky, surrounded by the element essential to our lives and indispensable to our spiritual understanding standing in the cosmos under the full moon and the dark moon in the same sky. 

In this watery world she has learned acceptance of self and understands the realms of emotions and remains as a silent witness in a place of equanimity. This composure allows her to receive the gifts to come forth from emotions, rather than her emotions taking her in an under current of destruction and hard knocks riddled with guilt and shame. She’s in a Divine space of freedom sexually, physically, emotionally, spiritually and in all ways.

She is the Goddess of Sexuality, free of guilt or shame. Through total surrender She embodies the feminine principle of receptivity, opening Her floodgates of ecstasy. The nectar of the Goddess Amrita is watery flowing sensual juices that feeds the power of Creation, the All That Is. 

It is Her Venusians gifts She shares with us of sensuality in knowing and sensing Herself on a deep emotional and physical level. Her medicine is of total acceptance of Self in order to surrender deeply and allow full freedom of sexual expression to occur. The receptivity She resonates for us is one of self-accepting, self-receiving bliss of body love that opens and allows for blissful sexual love. 

Through loving and accepting our emotions and feelings in the body, presence in the physical body and spirit body, all encompassing, all-inclusive, all that is, we open the doorway to ecstatic experiences of our Sexual sensual self. By opening the doorway to God, the raw energy in-motion, allows it to flow into the place of balance in the heart, this is where transformation occurs and we can access our pure creative potential. To fully embodying the qualities of Venus our sensuality comes from surrendering to our emotional senses while maintaining our connection with our bodies. By awakening these delicate yet powerful freedom energy flows within the body aware, the alchemical transformation of union begins. 

Sacred Sexuality is one of the most powerful experiences we can have as human beings. To participate as a Divine Union in a relationship, spiritual partners co-creating in a coming together as soul to soul, unified and One, is to experience Divine Union in all its power and beautiful ecstasy. This passion is to be able to reach the Divine and touch the power Omnipotent in the dance of creation. 

An awakening and a healing, a freedom is opening, a resurfacing of ancient knowledge on many levels. Guilt is offered up for transformation and in this forgiveness, self-acceptance and love is found.  Most humans have burdens of baggage surrounding sexuality. A sexual healing and freedom is merging of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that religious dogma has imposed upon and controlled for centuries upon centuries. In some medieval text Catholic priests were sentenced to life-long penance for committing oral sex, where pre-meditated murder was seven years. In some parts of the world, these types of beliefs are not considered medieval at all, instead of it being a nature beautiful expression of love, sex is dirty, hidden and amoral.   

The veil is lifting… Thank Goddess!

Every opportunity that it occurs to you, every time the thought appears within your mind that it is possible to do, stop for just a second, close your eyes, and let your consciousness fall into this presence, this liberation, this Freedom that you know is you. It is here, you will see you, feel you, and be you fully free and liberated, untouched and untouchable, just for a second. And then go on about your day until the next time it occurs to you to do so, again take that moment. And the consciousness of sexual freedom, this immeasurable acceptance of self and silent present reality that you are, which you always have known, which has never been absent only shamed and hiding, softly seeps into your day-to-day life.

Peace is here. Freedom is here. It is innately your divine birthright. Freedom is your nature and that nature is ever available to you. In some ways Freedom is indefinable as it lives in the spirit of the individual. Freedom is not about mans laws. Freedom is a spiritual state, it is a sensual and peaceful state; your spirit is never bound or imprisoned. When Spirit fully incarnates it is experienced as total Freedom, it is always present, but not always consciously known.  Freedom is always true, beautiful and good, it is never measured; it just is, as you are, eternal and momentary. 

We no longer have to please anyone nor try to "fit in". I am only required to be me. When we are "authentic" we love gently, peacefully, and free and people around will celebrate Freedom with us, and we will inspire them. Unfold into a liberated self, full of untamed wild Potential and Sexual Freedom. 

Goddess of sexuality open and free
Such trust in touch, tis Sexual Freedom and Love I  bring…
I am as I am,  as I am…I am Free

Cher Lyn