Twin Soul

Acrylic on Canvas
16” x 30” x 1”
Original $4,700

In the painting of “Twin Soul” you see the Tree of Life, an important symbol in nearly every culture. With its branches reaching into the sky, and roots deep in the earth. It is both a feminine symbol, bearing sustenance, and a masculine, visibly phallic symbol- another union. The tree has other characteristics, which lend easily to symbolism. Many trees take on the appearance of death in the winter- losing their leaves, only to sprout new growth with the return of spring. This aspect makes the tree a symbol of resurrection.

A tree also bears seeds or fruits, which contain the essence of the tree, and this continuous regeneration is a potent symbol of immortality. This aspect of the tree as a giver of gifts and spiritual wisdom is also quite common. It is while meditating under a Bodhi tree that Buddha received his enlightenment.

In the way the roots have grown it’s created an upside down triangle representing the feminine aspects of one self. The tree is as two bodies joining together in Sacred Union creating a heart. Above in the branches a Buddha figure meditates in on himself. He sits in a yoga position creating a triangle pointing upright representing the masculine aspects of self. At his sacred heart there is a flame and above is head another flame representing where he visions his creations. The stairways are symbols of our journeys pathways to the Divine. The union of the Twin Flame is one of service unlimited in potential for the planet and Cosmic Universe.

“Great is the mystery of marriage, for without it the world would not have existed. 
Now the existence of the world depends on man and the existence of man on marriage.”
Jesus Christ
Sacred Union… Devotion… Communion…

In the beginning the Twins were created in God, the Yin and the Yang. In a white-fire like spirit light, the soul was split just like the egg into two identical parts or Twin Flames; each with the same soul blueprint, but with different purposes. The Twin Flames were created together in the dawn of time. The color of this sublime union is blue. Two people connected through soul, connected to God the Divine spirit the All That Is, creating the trinity. The reunion of the Trinity equates to the Twins as the Flames and the Christ Consciousness amplifying the harmonic tone of pure light.

SACRED UNION Twin Soul 4x5.jpg

The highest state of human love is the unity of one soul in two bodies. The longing for a perfect mate is engraved in our DNA. We harbor a desire for return and unity and search for the piece that is always missing.  Love is the not a mere sentiment, it is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of Creation. Spiritual partners in this understanding of a Sacred Union recognize each other and their souls, consistently striving to further their evolution together, eternal love spiraling into infinity.

In commitment with a spiritual partner we learn to trust each other and approach our needs consciously without fear. Perfect love in a Sacred Union has no secrets and our ability to grow together expands. Both bring a piece of the puzzle for each other, offering up to the surface that which needs to be healed. We offer support for the needs of our partner’s spiritual expansion and in doing so we expand personally as well. This kind of love is unconditional and is the crown for Sacred Union. The love between Twin Flames is a gate of possibility to experience union in a multidimensional way, representing the archetype of the ‘sacred marriage,” a reflection of this union within Source.

Divine love, divine light, divine oneness and creation in a sacred twin flame of divine union, the expression of spirit in human form. Integrating the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine completes the circuit of energy essential for divine union. Sometimes we meet someone with the similar frequency of our Twin Flame and this brings a feeling of Oneness. The twin union energies are needed to access higher dimensional realms. The spiritual connection with our Twin Soul is intense and profound.

Our body is the sacred doorway to ecstatic union with the Divine. The Twin Flame united through a purpose and intention, aligned in our hearts opens ourselves to a higher order. The feminine principle is our connection to embody spirit in form. Once the temple of the body has been fully activated through self-acceptance, total transformation, receptivity and full presence the Divine Union of the feminine and masculine opens a channel for omnipotent ecstasy.

Sacred Sexuality is one of the most potent experiences we can have as human beings.  To experience Sacred Union in all its power and beauty is to blissfully dance in creation. Divine love is Sacred Union, love is the only true authentic power. Symbolically the sacred act of marriage brings to life our responsibility to explore love. Love is the song of the soul singing to God. 

Our first marriage must be a symbolic one to self. A self-love commitment to consciously give attention to our own personal emotional needs, this act of love for self eventually gives us the tools to love and accept others unconditionally. Sacred Union is finding God through meditation, devotional service silence, or study. If one is in the habit of rejecting/neglecting the self emotionally, one becomes toxic and this toxicity is brought into all outside relationships as well, particularly into a marriage. Learning to love one self is imperative for healthy successful relationships.