Three Ladies of the Sky

Acrylic on Canvas
24” x 30" x 2"
Original $5,500

In the painting “The Three Ladies of the Sky,” the three represent the Divine Feminine seen as a triple deity. Their medicine is of total and complete nurturing and in the nurturing, allowing for receptiveness.

In the center portion of the painting is the Maiden, she represents the crescent moon, virgin in her purity.  She is delicate and grows stronger and brighter each night learning to hunt and care for herself and the children she will one day birth. She is the Huntress. The maiden represents the innocence of new life to be carried on from the goodness of her ancestors who have walked before her.

On the left portion of the painting we see the full moon and the Mother, she is a creator of life, and a protector of all life forms, her womb is swelling with new life readying to birth. She sends loving orbs of light towards the lion into the Garden of Eden’s realms of creation, molded and sculpted with the love my grandfather shared during his life here on Earth. She is Queen of the Harvest.

On the right, the Wise Grandmother holds the staff of Wisdom and smiles with a loving heart at the honorable life that my Grandfather lived. She is an elder, a Matriarch, a wise woman, a transformation between this world and others, a shaman; it is she who walks between the worlds. At some point in every woman's life her menstrual cycle ends. She ceases to bleed with the moon. No longer shedding she holds her power, and so she is power-full.

All together they represent the Triple Goddess, the three stages of development that release the Ancient Feminine wisdom. The three ladies united to me represent the three stars in the night sky, astronomers call Orion’s belt. These stars I have loved since I was a little girl, praying through them to reach God. You can find them in the starry night above, they have blessed a special place in just about every painting I’ve done. 

The lion peacefully lying in the grassy meadow is allowing himself to be nurtured as he takes in the healing energy from the life-giving source, the sun. He is a silent reminder we are always protected. The lion’s medicine here is a symbol of the sun and a rising of our feminine energies. It’s a sunny morning; the sun rising over the meadow is a peaceful blessing and a sign to begin anew. 

The eternal return of life is intimately bound in every woman, no matter what phase of her own life she is currently in. The Mother Earth is calling her women for she needs us now...age is no longer a boundary, we are Maiden, Mother and Crone, the triple goddess full in her glory...right here...right NOW... ready to birth and express our true essence!

The Mother Earth cares and shares… 
Tis her very nature.
In her dreams of heavens flight… 
Tis there she sends out orbs of Light
Lucid with the Moon and Stars
Tis Her Suns life giving force… 
She sends her love right from her Source… 
It’s been this way right from the start
She shares her love her very Heart.

Cher Lyn

The Story:
I began “Three Ladies of the Sky” back in 1994. My Grandfather had just passed away and I wanted to honor him and his passing by creating a painting to assist his Spirit in his ascending. I painted the beautiful golden lion, for my grandfather’s courage was noble as he lived his life as an honest, sensitive, God loving man. In his last days, dying of Alzheimer’s; he lay sleeping with a toy stuffed lion. 

The painting had sold years ago and one day the woman contacted me to trade it out for a different piece, this was an unusual request yet this had always been a special painting to me that I love very much, and so I agreed and the ladies made their way back to me. 

After having the painting back in my studio, I couldn’t help but look with my creative eye at what I had painted years before and as I did I discovered a strong urge to add some more magic. After burning sage and frankincense to clear the energies, I found the spirits of the ladies coming through to me much stronger than before. Not only am I different painter today, I am also a very different person with years more experience and spiritual development. 

The realization of painting more on the three ladies was profound for me to see just how much more I “do” see now after all these years. One of the lessons I learned since my first creation of the ladies is to allow time and energy towards nurturing my self as the lion and the ladies so taught me in the painting. 


We all have a uniqueness that is entirely unto our self, apart from aspects of all external life. At one time I thought being a mother was my only identity, and it took a hard knock off that wheel of illusion to help me begin to put myself back together again and discover a more authentic me, to find out more of who I really am. 

If we completely defined our self by our outward perceptions, we could feel pulled in all directions and the foundation out from underneath our feet, say if you move to a different city, get divorced, or feel betrayed by a friend or unmotivated by your job. 

I do my best to think of all that happens as an exciting opportunity to redefine, recreate and nurture that part of me that didn’t get it when I was young, constantly uncovering and discovering, who I am. I dedicate some quality time on a regular basis to my Goddess within. Our sacred heart and soul, the highest, deepest, oldest and wisest aspect of our being, our direct channel to the Divine. As we allow our self the love we deserve and nurture that, a more authentic self will emerge from the emanation of the light from Source, our heart and soul, the sun within. We recover the sacred in ourselves, in each other, and in the Earth.