Spirit of the Rainbow Fire 

Spirit of the Rainbow Fire lift my heart… spiral higher

Raise the serpent in my spine, transform the shadow and assist my climb. 

Coming from the Stars, Mother of the Serpent Rainbow Fire too, is a Cosmic Mermaid living beneath the Water for hundreds of thousands of years. In her chosen responsibility she holds the Serpent Fire, Eagle and Condor as she tones the Waters and prays for her tribe… all her family. Her sister and ally the Hummingbird at her Third Eye helping her see how to best share this Medicine of Heaven and Earth. She prays for you to awaken to higher responses. 

In the painting a woman shaman trances into the rainbow Fire. She is in ceremony, praying for her people assuring them they will rise again. The serpent rises on her feminine side transmuting the pains of her tribe. Her heart is strong as she is dedicated and practiced to see into the future so that she can best discern her next move.