Shaman Tree

Acrylic/Mixed Media on canvas
24” x 30” x 2”
Original Sold

…the green man

Shaman Tree, for me consciously came from an intention to paint a Shaman from the Amazon who would heal the Rainforest jungles from the greed that is creating its destruction. He is painted green like the forest and also the color of (U.S.) money. I believe we are able to make choices that would help humans go from greed to green, from destruction and annihilation, to “Creating a New World a New Way”. 

*Over the last 50 years, more than half of the world’s tropical forests have been destroyed.

*We are losing our Rainforest at an average rate of 75 acres every minute; 108,000 acres a day, and over 39 million acres per year.

*Over 90 different Amazonian tribes are thought to have disappeared since 1900.

"I had a vision, the condor came to me and showed me the destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest, I was weeping at the atrocities, Quezequoaltal after came in and showed me the healing, (the Rain Forest back to it's pristine essence)."

Nature holds the secret powers of alchemy that give or take away life in the natural cycles of creation. The rhythms of nature have the power to heal and balance all things upon the Earth if we would only learn to live in harmony with it. The preservation of the Rainforests is essential, they sustain us; as they are the lungs of our planet supplying the oxygen humanity needs as a species to survive. The plant medicines are living pharmacies, known to cure naturally what no man-made pharmaceutical can do. The sustained future of our Rainforest is the future of our children.  

Within our culture many people associate the word Shaman with a masked, tribal person who dances around a fire, drums beating, performing a mysterious ritual. Apart from our western societies belief of masks and rituals the individual Shaman possesses a very real skill, a skill that distinguishes him or her from other kinds of practitioners. 

Shamans have the ability to diagnose and cure human suffering, this is believed to be accomplished by forming a special relationship with the  world. Shamanistic traditions have existed throughout the world since prehistoric times.  All true Shamans are able to achieve expanded states of awareness and visionary perceptions that tribal people call the Spirit world. Usually they perform these unusual abilities to heal members of their community physically, emotionally and spiritually. The traditional Shaman is a master of trance opening cosmic doorways.

The painting Shaman Tree also represents “Pan” in the Celtic legend, known as the “The Green Man”. My feeling is, he is one in the same and exists everywhere. His Spirit even lives in the concrete jungle… he carries His memory… and holds His vision. He is only waiting for us to listen to his subtle whispers so he can teach us once again how to respect the plant and animal kingdom and receive the abundance that nature has to offer us as God intended. 

A tree grows out of his head, the roots and branches appear to have no beginning, and no end, which represents our deep infinite inner growing, and our ever-reaching, always searching nature, for the Divine. Shaman Tree assists in the conscious communication to the Divine essence in all things in this world, and beyond. It is time to allow this wisdom and awareness to teach and remind us to honor and respect all that exists, or we will no longer exist! 

It is as if some of us are living inside of a dream, sleepwalking toward oblivion, while self-serving, shortsighted interests encourage our slumber with managed news, celebrity culture and other weapons of mass distraction.

In the past our political and commercial institutions have been unable to effectively address this crisis, primarily because they don't realize that they are looking at an interconnected world through a fragmented lens. Perhaps the villain here is not Big Business, the corporate media, the military-industrial complex, or even those who for personal profit seek to clear-cut our forests, over fish our oceans, pollute our atmosphere or drain our aquifers. The villain is an conditioned worldview - a way of seeing the world in which such unthinkable acts appear reasonable, sensible, and even intelligent.

Indigenous people of South America, who still live in their traditional Earth-honoring ways, refer to our modern worldview as our "dream" and have urged us, for the sake of all life, to "change the dream of the North."  It appears that changing this collective dream of ours will be accomplished by committed individuals working in concert with one another, each willing to think and act in a whole new way.

GRATITUDE 4x5-filtered.jpg

The Shaman is a master traveler, opening cosmic doorways, performing these journeys he is filled with Gratitude to heal members of the human, animal and tree people plant tribe.

Imagine this day represents a reflection of what is and what will be.  By expressing Gratitude for what is, you confirm your conscious choice of manifestations, and prompt the universe to continue delivery.  In giving thanks now for what will be, you are energetically attracting these intentions into your reality. These seeds of Gratitude may be sprouting nutritious crops as well as empowering intentions, dynamic relationships or global possibilities for sustainable change.  This is a time of harvest, celebration, abundance, and undoubtedly a time of change.  So on this day, and every day connect with nature is some way and remember to be grateful for what is, to let go of all that no longer serves you, and go forward with Gratitude in your heart. 

When you choose the medicine card of Gratitude understand this is a reminder to observe beneficial practices of love in your world, and give thanks for your powers of manifestation, creative gifts, wisdom and all that you are. In doing so you are not only in an act of preserving yourself and nature, but you’re gracious Gratitude is a charitable and generous gift to humanity.