Sacred Hoop.jpg

 Sacred Hoop

Acrylic/Mixed Media
20 x 24’ x 2


In the meaning and lore of Sacred Hoop, all Nations, Races and Religion are in harmony with each other on Earth. Holding the Sacred Four powers of the Universe in the form of Trees, the Elements, Races, colors and stages of life, the grand and infinite Circle in One.  Within that One, we are all united and Creators law is recognized supreme.

My intention for painting this Native shield and cross that goes to the heart of this land America, was to send Light into the horrific waves of ramifications from the first implementation of mans law. For eons, under the guise of a judgmental God, the implementation of mans law became the structure of justice, that we continue to live today.  

America was built upon suppression and attempted genocide upon the Native Americans who were indigenous to the land. Simultaneously the integration of Irish, Asian, African and East Indian slaves, suppressed Nations who fought for their freedom and land and lost, were brought to the Americas. These slaves knowing a common ground in war and loss of land and country too, sometimes intermarried with the Native American tribes and created a new home. These unions were perhaps just the beginning of the Sacred Hoop manifesting… 

May we All unite in the circle of perfection.  

The Medicine of the Sacred Hoop invites you to bring all your experiences back to love and create the Circle of One in wisdom learned. 

May humanity make strides to recognize this compassion for each human being, within the mandate of mans law, and all!      For all of my relations I pray.