Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas
16" x 20" x 1"
Original $3,700

In the painting you see a faerie woman dancing at the fire in the forest at night. She dances to the beat of a drum, and a feather as her wand calling for new flight. She’s lost in trance in the womb of the ancient Mother of all. The rhythm pulses electric effervescent lights to shine upon her dark night.  The rainbow light is her cosmic prayer, a universe she holds reverent, and her body is bare.  Dancing her Rebirth gracefully bursting out of her cocoon, sacred geometry’s and symbols glisten under the moon.

Faerie dancing… night in the forest, 
The Rainbow moon is rising…, crickets sing her chorus.
Electric light shines reverent for her prayer
She knows both sides. Her body is bare
She feels,
She heals,
and dances her pain, 
she dances and trances
Till death is had and rebirth is gain’d.

Cher Lyn

Some Indigenous matriarchal societies still practice their old ways keeping the ancient teachings alive. The Maori traditional women give birth in ten minutes, in more of an orgasmic explosion than that of pain. A dichotomy of what our patriarchal modern culture for decades has taught us for sure. By taking away the natural instincts of woman to give birth, the trauma’s our mothers and our mother’s mothers have passed on through experience, through the trails of our DNA memory codes is tragic. The Maori healers speak of and how important it is to shift this paradigm for the healing and survival of our culture.

As we go through the numerous ego deaths and rebirths we experience on this earth plane in the new paradigm, (which entails letting go of the old paradigm,) it is no longer necessary to extend and suffer the illusion of conditioned pain any longer. Many difficult ways our culture has tried to give birth, physically, emotionally, spiritually and symbolically. We are on the cycle back returning to our ancestral ways of the Earth with much wisdom to share from our experiences.

Rebirth 4x5.jpg

Like the caterpillar once nesting in the closed chrysalis state, we eventually develop the strength and learn to open into a new realization, new territory and real eyes of the light. The caterpillar does not know it’s going to have wings and fly in the sunlight as a beautiful butterfly full of color and joy. Still, that unknowing does not stop her from persevering through to her freedom, and the light.

We always have free will and are given the choice to struggle for as long as we wish, remain unchanged and stagnant, or we can break free and surrender the ego to the death that always precedes a Rebirth and discover the fear of change was just an illusion. 

Perhaps it is to rebirth the meaning of "leadership", calling forth the wisdom of life to serve and guide in the next stage in evolution. Therefore sharing what we are learning with others, creating support and connections to further our individual and collective work

Whatever the case we can use the butterfly as an example to pursue our own innate knowingness to free ourselves from the conditioned lies we grew up with. Develop our own talents and follow our dreams into flight. No one can live for us and they certainly cannot die for us. It is up to each of us to become our own butterfly rebirthing fully from our chrysalis state to unfold the creases to freedom and experience the dance in the elder wood of an enchanted forest, or the flight into a starry night, or the deep breath of a lovers kiss. 

It is time to re-embrace the ancient feminine wisdom and dance with new clarity, sing with clear perception and rock on to a new rhythm.