Rainbow Blesser

Acrylic, Corn and Rue on Canvas
16” x 30” x 1”
Original $7,700

Because we all share an identical need for love, it is possible to feel that anybody we meet, in whatever situation, is a brother or sister. No matter what color the face or how different the dress and how we perceive the behavior, there is no real significant division between us and other people. It is foolish to dwell on exterior differences, because our basic natures are the same. All levels of society, families, tribal, National and International, the key to a more joyful happy existence and a more successful world is the expansion and Integration of compassion, our Godhead. 

Blessings from the heart
Ye children bridging the rainbows arc.
A Command to our spirits, all the pieces to return.
and Gods tribes to help integrate these sides, 
Easily and gently
Let peace within reside. 

Cher Lyn

God is too big for just one religion!  The Hopi Indians believe that each of the world’s religions contain one spiritual thread, and that these threads are always seeking each other, wanting to join like a tapestry cloth or woven rope that will pull us together out of our dark world, and into the next. Each of us is carrying an aspect, clues or pieces of existence on how Creation works. Collectively we come together to share and compare. 

The Story:

It seems my life has been like a long hard sweat lodge, like my very first one done in the traditional Lakota way. Native people compare it to the womb of the Mother… I was exiting the sweat lodge, crawling out on my hands and knees, experiencing a death. Knowing I was being rebirthed as well, and adamantly planning never to sweat again! Grateful I made it to the end like a warrior, I figured I’d suffered enough in my life and did not need to suffer intentionally, thank you but “No.”   Trembling, grateful I did not pass out. Greeted by the cool, sacred air, watching the steam merge with the fire and rise to the stars in a mystical dance. The Earth beneath my body was cool and I felt Her grace as the compassionate Mother Earth comforted me.  Moved to tears, humbly I cover my head for privacy to cry, for in that moment I was experiencing a phenomenon. 

I had prayed hard for two things in that sweat lodge, one was for my dreams to return, as I pulled back the towel off my head, the fire reflected and lit my dampened red face. Time seemed to stand still as I stared into the fire, through the smoke my tears and spirit I was shown a dream; suddenly, I was reliving a reoccurring dream within a dream, and feeling as though I was awakening from a dream within a dream and to a truth within a truth.    

Here I was sitting around a fire at night just completing my first authentic Native American ceremony in the traditional way, with many Native people. The second prayer I made in that first sweat lodge was for my brother, who was addicted to drugs, suicidal and soon to be getting out of jail again. It’s been over ten years now and to this day as of one week after my first sweat lodge he is sober and living a happy life. Needless to say, sweating my prayers became a way of life and a good way for me to pray.

Years after this experience, and years of sweating my prayers, I started a new painting. Within my initial lay out of paint the white profile of the Godhead at the top of the painting, along with the vertebra surrounding the spinal cord was literally already there without conscious intention on my part. I simply aligned the chakras on the spine with the colors of the rainbow. A less obvious image of the Indigenous profile was the first Spirit who came forth. Later I found the image of the fetus in the breach position and therefore I painted it as such. The healing hand tattooed with a six pointed star integrated with a heart is sending out energies of love for humanity and our earth. For years, I have consciously painted only what I find within the Spirit on the canvas after my Prayers and ceremony. Even when I’m gifted an inspiration through dreams or visions I intend this vision within my ceremony and still only paint what I see. The image of Rainbow Blesser came through, appearing on the canvas helping bring understanding to a vision from years ago with connection to the birth of the rainbow tribe.

Activation Rainbowtif.jpg

I happened upon meeting a group of Maoris from New Zealand while they were on a healing tour through the United States. The Maoris are an Indigenous matriarchal society who still practice their old ways keeping their ancient teachings alive. Honoured and humbled after a healing from them, I gifted them prints of my artwork. 

Deeply affected they recognized the Spirit of the art, but when they saw “Rainbow Blesser,” they brought it over Papa. Papa was a two hundred fifty pound Maori who was their Medicine Man, Shaman and midwife. “Papa,” they said, “look it’s Maori; it’s our way, the fetus head up, the healing hand and even the flat nose.”  

They began to explain how Papa as a midwife and the ancient Maori way of giving birth is to go in and turn the baby breach before it’s born. They continued telling me their traditional women give birth in ten minutes, in more of an orgasmic explosion than that of pain, a dichotomy of what our patriarchal modern culture for decades has conditioned us to believe by taking away the natural instincts of the woman to give birth. They spoke of the trauma our mothers and our mother’s mothers have passed on through experience, through the trails of our DNA memory codes and how important it is to shift this paradigm. 

The message in the story the Maori’s carried to me is as we go through the numerous ego deaths and rebirths we experience on this earth plane, it is not necessary to feel the continuance of pain any longer through the conditioning illusory mind. Many difficult ways our culture has tried to give birth, physically, emotionally and symbolically, I believe we are on the cycle back to more ancient ways with much wisdom to share from our experiences. We are re-embracing the Matriarchal Feminine Wisdom once again with new clarity. The painting seems to be a bridge to an ancient connection and a vision in a dream I once had long ago, they called me Rainbow Blesser, the Medicine Woman of Art.