Rainmaker web-filtered.jpg

Rain Maker


Acrylic/Mixed Media on poster board framed
30” x 40”
Original $2,900

The image in the painting, “Rainmaker” stands shadow like in a black cape and hat. He is a force, dark and shadowed from the unknown. What sits as dark in the unknown permeates with insecurity is “Fear” for most folks. He is surrounded by symbols set in a chaotic order. Still look closer, the dark shadow of the man is a Rainmaker, he holds rattles and sticks and he chants. The unknown, unfamiliar is scary for most folks. Yet look again, a symbol of the sun, the moon and stars, mountains and spirals, there is a thunder cloud, lightning and there… he has evoked rain. There is nothing to Fear, in truth perhaps there is no unknown, only unremembered.


Justifiable Fear is designed for protection and has an important purpose. You wouldn’t survive if you did not have the capacity to access Fear when your survival instinct steps in to warn you. 

Yet, there is also a time when inferior reactions step in and overlays with the neurotic; Fear that is not appropriate based on judgments or projections.  Stay open when you’re afraid. Notice the Fear instead of getting angry at someone else or running from it to food, drugs, alcohol, or other addictions. Write about it, keep a journal, stop and notice what it is like to simply just be with it. When staying present with Fear it becomes a means of transportation an opportunity for opening doorways to consciousness, feelings of love and connectedness. Fear is saturated with insecurity and the problems arise when you contract, closing your heart. You may be afraid, but if you stay with it, examine it. Where did it come from? Is it logical? Is it from childhood? Go into it, use it as a tool rather than escaping from it and it will transform.

In choosing this medicine card it’s time to get centered, then look at what is creating Fear in you, what is triggering your fear and affirm to yourself: “I welcome this as a gift. It is showing me where I am not yet free.”