Dolphin Sister
Acrylic/mixed media on Canvas
16” x 20” x 1”
Original Sold

Pele’, the Hawaiian volcano Goddess’ Element is Fire. Her Sea-Goddess sister is Water. They represented the two seemingly eternal enemies, Fire and Water. As a result of jealous rage, Pele’ and her sister became the most bitter enemies, fighting against each other with stormy floods and violent volcanic destruction. My intention created in this painting was to heal this jealous competitive myth between the sisters, showing the higher relationship between Fire and Water and directing this healing into the Universe for all women.

In the painting you see “Namaka,” the crown she wears is a glowing sun, a symbolic heart offering from Pele’. She is smiling for the pain between the sisters has been forgiven. The dolphins and the whale’s breech in glee knowing this healing has occurred.


Long ago, unified oneness was a way of life with male and female. We communicated, from the sacred space within our hearts without projections. But things changed and we came to believe that we are separate from each other and God. 

Rage not, at the darkness in your sisters for it is this “self” that is you which has been denied. Love and forgive her with your whole heart. The matriarchal rule is returning full spiral. It is time women transform this shadow within so as to truly own this Goddess power in our fullness. Women are Sisters, the chalice of life, giving birth. Women unified with one another are powerful beyond imagination. It is time for all to take this stance, time to end competition, war, jealousy, and division of every sort especially among women, the sisters. 

The advice here suggests that you begin to express your pain in a more compassionate way. Soften your heart and relationship with the feminine to help bring about your Sister’s Healing.  As you do this, you are healing a myriad of hurts between women for many lives.

Dear sister, my arms are open, I welcome you back.
I feel peace in my heart letting go of rage and lack.
We are one you and I, and we come from the sky.
On a mission… a Love transmission…

Cher Lyn