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Mother Goddess


Acrylic/ mixed media
86” x 67” on Red Rock

This painting I did on a rock in the National Forest of Sedona Arizona at the Southeastern end of a Native American Medicine wheel. I was Praying near the medicine wheel at the altar that consisted of a very large rock. It was one of those hard days where I found myself huddled and humbled in tears looking for my center out in nature where I feel most connected, something that I have done since I am a little girl.

On this particular day through my tears and rage,
I gazed upon this rock and suddenly saw it in a new way.
I grabbed my paints and brush and sage and follow the lines of an ancient age.
Oh Mother Goddess I see you clear coming through with such gentleness here.
My tears of rage have found no stage on this Altar pure that I gift you this day. 
She’s changed me for life She showed me a new way.
The Mother Goddess was the first,
painting my gift to Her children and the Earth.
I sang and chanted her praises day after day
using my voice to midwife Her birth.
Her Blue Corn is the promise of life. 
She carries the Fire, the Sun, and the Moon,
I knew I would get there, I sang her sweet tune.
Sweet passions Fire creates our New Earth Higher.
She’s not for sale, my gift to the Earth. 
My Mother, She’s given back to me
the death of my ego and rebirth.
She healed my mind full of illusions.
Her Love shines forth, clearing all delusions.
Holding space for the Feminine in balance.
Harmony in Nature restores the song, art and dance…

Cher Lyn


Many of us feel a lack and are seeking within ourselves the compassionate aspect of the nurturing mother. Even if our human mother appeared to do the best she could, we still are often left with a feeling of something is missing. This feeling of separation happens at birth and seeking our connection with our Mother Earth and the natural world is what heals this.

We are directly connected to the Earth and we exist as part of Her.  It is always been this way, we are one like Mother and Child, the Earth and us. The Earth is OUR outer body. This is why She is called Mother Earth

Mother Mary Rock by Cher Lyn

Mother Mary Rock by Cher Lyn

When we quiet our minds and sit with the stones and listen, we can feel and sometimes even hear them speak. “In the times before bright electric lights and the distraction of television that enticingly lured humans indoors. When the women were drummers after the sun set, watching the starry sky and the moonlit glowing theater teaming with mystical scenes, Mother Nature was the channel to watch. People in ancient cultures knew the natural rhythms of the celestial universes and the language of the Earth Mother.” 

“In the ancient days no one owned the land of our ancestors. You could not buy land, it wasn’t even thought of. The people were related to nature, to the earth and to cosmos. It was not a buy and sell relationship as it is now. Special areas were set aside, where no one was to build. Those areas were the borders between the world of man and the unknown where the tribes would seek special communion with the Infinite One. Humans could go there and interact with the mysteries on the dimensional borders of our world.” 

The giant stones fell silent and the heart beat of the Earth continued through out my Spirit of bringing the Ancestors through with paint and prayer

Dolphin Drum by Cher Lyn

Dolphin Drum by Cher Lyn

All Indigenous peoples believe, to reach the Heart one must first find the Mother, the Divine Feminine Mother. In the understanding of the people of the Earth, who honor the Mother, as alive and feeling, touching breathing very conscious Being, way beyond our domesticated, conditioned beliefs that the modern world has taught us. The Earth is not just mere dirt and rock. She IS alive.

The Divine Mother God in the feminine form abides in the heart of every being and in all Universes without end. She is the divine creatrix who has manifested forms of consciousness in union with the eternal Infinite Supreme Being, “God the Father.” In truth, speaking of them as two creates the illusion of separateness, these two, are not two. Rather, they are inseparably bound for all Eternity as One. The Altars Mother Goddess and Father God Tree of Life hold a sacred balance of the Masculine and Feminine united and One.


The Medicine Wheel is a circle representing life, truly an infinite symbol; its four corners are seen as the cardinal directions, the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, four races and stages of life. It is seen as a symbol of all life’s cycles, honouring each cycle of life, each step a pathway to gather new understanding and wisdom.