Moon Maidens

Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas
16" x 20" x 1"
Original Sold

Let us gather under the moon in the ancient elder forest
Tuning into Mothers sound and the Nature Spirits chorus. 
Sway with the music, rhythm with the drum.
Listen for the magic, our Universal Hum.
her Lyn

In the painting you see priestesses celebrating under the moon with a fire deep in the ancient forest. Bare breasted they dance to the Rhythm and the drum, in trance with the Mother, feeling, sensing, being the Universal Hum. 

Since ancient times the drum and Rhythm were used in religious rites all around the world. Found in ancient temples, cave paintings and manuscripts, the drum is the oldest musical instrument known to man. The Rhythm’s steady beat will bring a shaman into the sacred trance state used for prophetic visions and healing. Men and even more so, women drummed in rituals and ceremonies, for spiritual practices and healing. 

Sound comes from the unknown and is one of the most powerful, mystical, and mysterious qualities of life. We all create our own personal resonant vibration. When a person vibrates at a lower frequency or out of harmony this will eventually cause disease. The ancients knew that the power of Rhythm and sound could heal discord and return harmony to the body, to the tribe, into joy and celebration.

Everything is in a state of vibration. Your harmonic Rhythm pulses beyond any boundaries you were taught and it’s much greater than what you audibly hear. The natural world communicates through sound, as did our ancestors. 

Drum to the beat, dance to the song of your hearts natural Rhythm, and tone a higher vibration more authentically you. As you celebrate in joy this will help you restore health in sound and movement. Shake it up and out.