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Original Sold
Acrylic/mixed media on Canvas
18" x 20"x 1” 

Melchizedek is known as a superb individual who lived upon the Earth from the beginning of time. After the fall of Atlantis, He initiated a plan to restore self-awareness in spiritual growth and the Egyptian Mystery Schools were established. The Old Testament speaks of Him as the "King of Salem" and "Priest Of The Most High God."   The name also is of the Cosmic Priesthood that exists through every dimension upon every planet. 

In the painting of “Melchizedek,” He is draped in violet blue and white, emanating codes of the language of Light. A higher vibration in knowledge wisdom and understanding offers the key to the omniscience gates of Heaven. This Light that reveals the mother tongue is the primal seed of language. A vibrating structure of Higher Knowledge that resonates with the angel’s tones set forth on Earth before time began.

In this Higher Knowledge you have an understanding that there is more to life than the physical plane. Your Divine Higher Knowledge knows you are one with everything, everywhere, all the time. Higher Knowledge is Christ Consciousness.  Having a fully opened heart chakra, centering one's Being there rather than in the lower chakras.

With Higher Knowledge you live life in spiritual wonder. In this truth there is never a shortage of miracles and ever more wisdom to behold. Everyone intrinsically has this wisdom Light within. 

Ye stand on the threshold, a truth ye are told.
Tis fact I say, Higher wisdom ye behold.
Step beyond space and time
There lies so much more in thy reason and thy rhyme.

Cher Lyn