Medicine Mother

Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas
24” x 48”  custom frame
Original Sold

The painting of “Medicine Mother” represents the Mayan Goddess, Ixchel.  She is the Mother Goddess of Medicine and of the Waters. She is  a guardian of pregnancy, childbirth and mothers. 

In Medicine Mother’s prayer she cradles to her heart in Gratitude, the Earth which is in the shape of an egg that holds an image of the Tree of Life. At her feet you see her very body is the roots that connect her to the Heavens and the Earth. Indigenous tribes have referred the word medicine to mysterious forces that surpasses our domesticated human concepts. 

Medicine Mother is not only a healer for the physical, but she also a spiritual healer. She travels to commune with spirits in other dimensions, on all levels of the upper, middle and lower worlds. Her primary function is to acquire help from the spirit world for the sake of healing dis-eases, emotional dis-orders and sometimes her goal is to promote harmony between humans and the natural world.

Medicine Mother assists you in looking at the light and the shadow showing that both sides are as equally contributing to the whole, in the process of awareness. Nothing ever ends without a new beginning. There are gifts to be had within the transformation of all.