Maya the Virgin

Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas
18” x 30 x 2” 
Original $3,800

Virgin; She who is whole and to herself. She cannot be possessed by anyone.
Maya; “Magic,” is the title of the Virgin Kali as the creatress of earthly       appearances and all things made of matter and perceptible to the senses. 
Encyclopedia of women’s secrets.

The Mayan Moon Goddess is the Goddess of childbirth, procreation, marriage, with the power to bring about birth and rebirth. In this way, her vast powers mirror those of the Mother Goddess, Creator of the Universe. The Moon Goddess as the beautiful young maiden who presided over childbirth and marriage is identified with the Virgin Mary. Her skin is blue and she wears a adornment nose ring on her left side. Her virginity has nothing to do with sex or lack of; she is pure in her innocence.

In the Old Testament it is Moses who delivers the Law, but in the Ancient Mysteries it is the woman who professes the Law. The Mysteries are meant to demonstrate the beginning. In ancient days it was the Mother who taught the Law and hers was the clear Light that illuminated antiquity.

The Story: I began “Maya the Virgin” in 1997. Embracing the Goddess within me was the inspiration for her creation. I believed she was complete when she participated in the Creation’s Child show in Malibu, California 2001. She was well received then.  

To my surprise, Spirit moved me to complete the painting at the ending of the year 2002. I’d just moved to Sedona, Arizona and I was in the process of opening my new gallery. I met with a woman from Four Corners magazine to interview me for publishing an article. After connecting on a really special level, she asked me if I’d like to go for a hike, that there was a very special place she’d like to show me. Being a nature lover and new to Sedona, I very much welcomed the invitation.

The air was crisp and the sun was warm, leaves tanned and fallen, blanketed the earth. Sycamore trees naked against the sky created magical patterns of a sacred tapestry. After a good hike she slowed her pace and casually looked around to make sure no one else witnessed this secret passage way and quickly we cut off the trail onto a magical Fairie land staircase made of stones. I followed her up as she quietly explained to me that this is a very Sacred place she was bringing me to and if I was to bring anyone here  to follow this route carefully. It is best to keep the path hidden for unknowing tourists sometimes like to add to the ancient carvings in the rocks. I promised, remembering another ruin I had seen with 20th century drawings along side the ancient symbols and recordings.  

I followed her up the steep incline carved into the earth. Upon approaching the entrance I could feel the sacredness as a soft welcoming energy surrounding me. Stunned, my eyes gazed onto the most amazing rock art I’ve ever seen in person. The space honored the Goddess with spirals; Lane showed me that there is an area on one of the spirals that women stand placing their womb over it. I stood as she suggested and placed both my hands and heart hugging the image with my full body. I closed my eyes and breathed feeling the heart of the stone. Suddenly I felt a very strong magnetic connection and what I would describe as electric energies that seemed to be opening my heart. The emotions that were evoked in me were so powerful and full of compassion and love I cried. I had never felt anything like it, moved so deeply I chanted a Celtic blessing to the Mother Earth. I thanked Lane for bringing me to this powerful place.

That night I awoke after only sleeping for an hour with a strong desire to get up and paint on “Maya the Virgin.”  Unable to ignore and go back to sleep, I got up made myself some tea and began an all night vigil to the Goddess. Sometime during the night I heard She was Mayan. It felt to me as though Beings were watching me as I painted.  I trusted in these feelings knowing deep within me this driving passion had come from the opening I had experienced earlier with the spiral at the sacred Altar with the Goddess.

There was a strong driving force that kept me painting steadily. When she was complete I looked up the definition of the Mayan Maya in my encyclopedia of women’s secrets.  The Maya people of the Yucatan offered sacrifices in the same way as in northern India, at the same seasons, determined by the same stars. Mayan “scorpion stars,” were the same as the Scorpion constellation in Hindu and Greek charts. As in India, Mayan divine images were painted blue and Mayan women pierce the left nostril for insertion of a jewel. 

Her image changed drastically in strength from who she seemed before. A small raised round circle sat in the crevasse of her nose and so I added a nose ring into her image. It wasn’t until I read that the Mayan women wore nose rings that I truly realized in following my intuition she was culturally correct. This and the fact that she was blue says to me that possibly within this area of Sedona, there may very well have been Mayan influence long, long ago.


*Know that deep within you is a Supreme self who is your true identity, at peace and all knowing. 

As Spiritual beings having a human experience we see numerous made up strengths and weaknesses within our selves and others. Each perceived weakness creates a self-perception and judgment. These judgments tend to distort our sense of self-esteem; then our thinking, feeling and willingness get entangled with our weaknesses. Many times over our life looks like in a mess. We create the mess to hide the weaknesses. Being in integrity with our self and others is what begins to clear the mess. Honoring our perceived weaknesses, being generous to our self and shining light into the dark corners of our mind allows us to stand strong in our human-being ness. 

We can enjoy clearing the way and admitting more of our magnificence, intelligence, on-purposefulness, and beauty with the power of this infinite Circle that just keeps getting more and more authentic. Give and receive the powerful medicine waiting for you. Looking for the leader within our self. Following anyone into cynicism or anger will only lead us away from the healing that is our personal birthright. 

Imagine experiencing this cosmic orgasm as pure light knowledge and love of everything that is or ever will be. Then imagine this experience sparking an omnipotent twinkle of joy in your heart. You become an all-knowing awareness of omni-potent perception making love with yourself and all that is participation in life is a joy when you let go of attachments and be you.

Relieve me of the bondage of myself that I may bear witness to those that I would help.” Unknown