Lemurian Dream

Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas
36” x 48" X 2"

The History of Lemuria (Mu)

(The Following is an excerpt from Ancient Lemurian Knowledge - by The Abbotts) 

Lemuria or Mu (Mother) as it was commonly called by it’s inhabitants, was an ancient civilization located in that area now known, as the South Pacific. 

It flourished 50,000 - 26,000 years ago. Lemuria was approximately 5,000 miles long and 3,000 miles wide and was destroyed by violent volcanic eruptions. It’s remains are the Hawaiian chain of islands, parts of Fiji and outposts such as Easter island and other small deserted islands.

The original inhabitants of Lemuria arrived in a semi-physical/etheric form from higher dimensions on Orion, Pleiades and Sirius. They were a peace loving, community minded people, who spurned the advanced technology of the Atlanteans and instead built an agrarian culture, healing priesthood and instilled rituals that promoted unity and common progress.
They were a tall, broad shouldered, golden skinned people with black hair and dark brown eyes. They used telepathy, telekinesis, advanced healing techniques.

The symbol of the new continent was the central sun in the centre of the universe, Maui. This was the source of all life, time, power and energy. The sun also represented the god energy or sun within each person. The flame that unified mankind with his/her creator. The people of Lemuria also believed that the third eye chakra located between the eyes represented the inner sun or soul and linked us into our true spiritual visions.

The Lemurians had long healthy lives often of hundreds of years. The climate was warm and tropical, disease was almost non existent and men and women both had equal say in the running of the continent's affairs. Many families were of a matriarchal nature, with the eldest female guiding the younger members as a wise mother. They were able to travel and view events by thought projection, astral travel, far seeing and telekinesis. They tried to work in harmony with all peoples,
animals, minerals and natural forces. They were able to converse with the nature kingdoms of devas, sprites, mermaids etc. as well as alien races.

Meditation was a valuable and much used tool for inner guidance, manifestation and problem solving as was the power of dream work. Their healing techniques incorporated acupressure, massage, stroking, sea baths, chakras, breathing exercises, chanting, gem therapy, certain foods and medicinal plants and balancing and creating a positive flow of mana within the body and surrounds. They believed that illness was caused by conflicts in thoughts and emotions. The priests and priestesses known as Kahunas held the respect and love of the people and healed, guided and performed rituals of marriage, funerals, baby namings and other blessings. Their secret rituals and knowledge were known as Huna. The chi or life force around them was called Mana.

After the violent volcanic explosions which caused Lemuria to sink into the south pacific ocean, many of the surviving inhabitants reached Fiji, New Zealand, Hawaii, Marquises Islands and South America and for a time carried on their ancient traditions, incorporating them with the traditions of the locals. They were viewed by the more primitive native peoples as godlike beings and have eventually been relegated by history to mythological beings. The Hawaiians, Tahitians and Maori people of New Zealand have folklore which alludes to an ancient island homeland Mu or Ka Lu inhabited by powerful but peace loving people who lived in plenty and talked to the Gods.