Honoring the Goddess

Acrylic on Canvas
24 "X 30" X 2"
Original Sold

I called on the Goddess and God came too.
They are One and the same I found to be true.
I am One within the One.
… a thread in the web, I bring the Light from above. 
Creating with intention and my love.

Cher Lyn

In the close up of the praying hands in the painting “Honoring the Goddess”, the hands are emerging from the eternal violet flames of freedom. In reality they are our hands in the hands of God and the Goddess in the cosmos ever present and ever creating magnificent. God is infinite in His reach…therefore there must be infinite ways to reach God. 

In truth there is nothing that we cannot be, do or have. We are a magnificent creator, here on purpose and deserve all we can imagine. God has no limit on our happiness, health, joyful expression, or anything for that mater. 

Intentions set from a clear and centered heart space, is not a sanction of the saint. Answers to prayers are attributed to God and only God. We are the channels that creates our Intention for the Divine to take place; our only job is to be aware of our thoughts then get out of the way. 


I was strongly called to move to Sedona, Arizona. Never thought I’d leave the paradise I had come to love on the top of the Malibu mountains on Sacred land. The ensuing move from mymountaintop studio had consumed much of my time.  As I settled into my Sedona studio, I was asked to participate in  “The Mother Show”, a group art show with several contributing women artists to help up-lift consciousness of the feminine. 

“While images of Father God are valid and empowering, the lack of a divine female image has not only justified and maintained male dominance, it has also caused damage to the psyches of both women and men. I decided I would create a special piece for this show.” 

Feminine Mysticism in Art. 

Back to my process in the beginnig, I started by calling on the Goddess... I burned sage and frankincense to clear the area and to raise the vibrations for the Goddess to work through me and I lit one white and one blue candle. I toned with my voice, chimes and a Tibetan bowl. I used the colors of light blue, violet, and silver because their high vibration. I could feel the Divine Feminine energy coming through me onto the canvas. So after the base coat dried I was surprised and at first quite honestly disappointed to see an undeniable male as the central figure in my painting to honor the feminine aspect of Creation. 

I questioned as to why the masculine appeared and not the feminine, knowing that I did call on “Her.”  After my initial doubt as I have learned in my art... I continued to trusted that all was in Divine order as per my intention (and at the same time, I also knew I had several other Goddess pieces I could submit for the show.) I followed the lines the way Spirit has me work and developed the male form in the painting. He is a very High Being and as the Divine unfolded I found Him Praying. 

Again I had doubts when I saw lines of the Goddess at His crown, naked, breast voluptuous, I feared it would look like He was praying for sex and lust.  Again I trust and follow the lines painting her in and realizing I was taking a risk at portraying the opposite of my intention to others viewing her. 

Trusting in my intention and facing the doubts and fears, I followed the lines that led me to paint Her holding Her left hand over His third eye which lands where Her sexual Chakra is if Her body were to be painted in. This symbology is profound to me, how perfect, cultivating an awareness of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine as an essential significant union for Creation.

Her right hand holds a lotus, which is the flower sacred to Nature and Her God, and represents the emblem of the productive powers of both spiritual and physical nature. The Lotus too was the Universal symbol of life in ancient Lemuria.

As I was painting in the stars I realized the two in union together are the universes creating universes. The Divine Male figure and the Divine Female are both praying and supporting each other in their individual and collective powers for the Earth and Humanity. The absence of Divine Feminine images in our culture, not only supports an imbalance that diminishes our sense of wholeness, but we have been taught to hold in low esteem the feminine within ourselves therefore this is created in the world around us. The union represents the necessity for balance of the masculine and feminine, for humanity to re-create ourselves so that we can evolve into a manner of consciousness creating the paradise paradigm we seek. 

Om Mani Padme Hum subtly written in Sanskrit in the background sky is a mantra for awakening the Divine Jewel within our Heart. 

I Pray in gratitude,  realizing I called on the Goddess and God came too, how sublime awareness can slip in through OUR Creative expression.  

I Trust... how apropos!


Our intentions create our reality. Our attitude reflects our intention. If we are full of yang energy and angry, resentful, doubtful and full of fear, we will create with these intentions of depletion, failure to cope, and despair. Just the same if our nature is that of balance, joy and harmony than we will create with these intentions love, peace, and contentment. Be mindful of that, which we project consciously and unconsciously, we are always creating intention with our thinking, consciously or unconsciously these desires do manifest.

When we find our self worrying about something we’ve asked the Creator to take care of, this works against our request for help, move the focus back to the spiritual world and God. If we are looking back over our shoulder at how things are progressing, then we are still thinking of the problem and then “that” will create more of that which we do not want to create. 

Our intentions and prayers are always answered, it doesn’t always look like we expect, and sometimes faith in action is what it takes to see them brought into manifestation. If we have conflicting desires or subconscious beliefs and lack trust, our intention will be torn and what we set in motion goes up against each other. It is here that the strongest of those intentions will play out. Ultimately as we become more awake in consciousness we realize everything we are given is for our evolution, and life becomes an amazing progression unfolding before us. In letting go of expectations the Great Mystery can really paint without restrictions and extraordinary magic prevails.