Heart of the Jewel

Acrylic, Frankincense, Snakeskin, and Quartz on Canvas
48” x 24” x 2”
Original Sold

It’s time to feel, let go of strain,
Release your tears and heal… express your pain
Let your lotus bloom again.
Heart is love and Heart is true.
Ascend the stairway to the jewel.
Om mane padme ong…
It is your stairway home
Where God sits at the thrown.
Om mane padme ong…

Cher Lyn

I began this painting to honour my grandmothers’ birthday a year after she passed  into Heaven.

I began this painting to honour my grandmothers’ birthday a year after she passed  into Heaven.

The Sanskrit chant, Om mane padme ong, translates into the “Heart of the Jewel.” Here you see a female Buddha figure deep in a peaceful meditative place. Her essence is quite androgynous for she has ascended to an enlightened way of being where male and female are One. She is surrounded by the beauty and love of nature spirits, Devas that assist in her connection to the Elemental realm and the true heart of the Mother Earth. 

A lotus flower blooms, open and sharing the wisdom of her crystal jewel that is placed in the centre point of her golden heart. The quartz crystal that sits in the centre is a transmitter for the Divine to flow through with clarity and creation of power. It brings the energy of the stars into the soul reminding us of where she came from.

The tip of her staff is coated in mica collected at the Rio Grande River in New Mexico, which provides reflective qualities to recognize flaws of humanity and remain in a heart space of love for humanity.  The handle and base of her staff is fashioned from a rattlesnake skin, a medicine that transmutes all energies that might shut down and block the heart. A stairway leads upwards into her heart inviting her ascension, for the lower chakras have been traversed and properly balanced. The white dragon at the bottom of the painting moves in clockwise direction circling in the pure essence of yang energy, the spark that powers the heart of creation.



Within our bodies, temples of the spirit, resides our sacred heart, where we can forever find rest and peace. Ever present within our own holy temple is direct communication with our Source, always available. Creation begins in our Heart, which has a sacred centre point of contact where we as human beings and the Divine meet in a transcendent communion. 

The Heart of the Lotus, our precious jewel is our center point, our inner sanctum, the Ark of the Covenant that holds all that is sacred. It is the only truthful position in which to place our selves on a path of integrity. Within our Heart is infinite wisdom, the Akashic records. When we hear our Source, the Holy Spirit, our intuition, when we listen and allow ourselves to be moved by our hearts, we become radiant.

We have an essence that is special and this essence is unique and individual to each one of us. There are things that we may want to change about our self of course for the reason that we are always changing and growing. But this essence that is, the I Am presence, never changes it is eternal. It is pure, perfect and exquisite right now in this moment as it is forever. It is like a diamond and this jewel is found in our heart. This essence is our true identity and is not altered by external influences. This is the thrown for the God-dess within.

The heart does not articulate per say in the sense that language is not only inadequate, but is often times a barrier when it comes to concerns of the heart. It’s like trying to name God or say what love is. The whole essence of spiritual teachings is that there is only one thing worth doing in order that life can be seen as the magnificent gift that it is. And that is to cut through all of the conditioning, the mental chatter and the mind's insanity to be present in an Open Heart where God resides inside us. 

The practice of going within and entering this void is one of the most ancient powerful rites of passage and requires immense attention and awareness.  It involves retreating within oneself to consider, meditate, pray and seek Spirit.  This practice stimulates our regenerative and healing capabilities and aids our physical bodies in reconnecting to our primal life force.  It is the quest for the Great Mystery and this quest will afford us the energy and the courage we need to give birth to our creations. It is time to ascend the stairway to divine love and shine our jewel from an open Heart.

The answers we seek lay within our deepest self, Love is the answer to all our questions, even the ones from our minds, we find them in our hearts.  It gives us perfect balance and keeps us stabilized no matter how wild the outside chaotic world becomes.

With forgiveness and an open Heart, love is ever present. Making this our most fueled flame is imperative for ascension; without the heart open it is impossible to connect to our higher soul matrix. Our inner sanctum is a direct doorway to the Universal Void. In our heart we can create different personal situations and for the heart of humanity and Mother Earth.