Grandmother Pele'

Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas
16” x 20” x 1”
Original $5,500

Queen of Nature and of Fire, Grandmother Pele’ commands all the Devic Realms. She commands the Elementals  and the Elements of Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Prana and gives them the power to hold form throughout the numerous realms bringing 3D into manifestation. 

She oversees the Animals of the land, waters and sky. The Tree Spirits and Forests, the Jungles, All of Nature, the Planetary and Universal Devas, the Solar Angels of the 7 Sacred Directions directly from the Central Sun..... From the waves in Her hair, the wind of change ignites..... In Her eyes, you can see the cosmic ocean of oceans.... from the tips of her fingers, trillions of fairies carry out her desires as they weave colors of the Rainbow in the Universal Grid of Sacred Geometry with Her crystalline needles stitching all Creation as One beautiful design.....

As her feet gently touch this Earth, the land burst into luscious vegetation, beautiful valleys and mountains, rivers and waterfalls..... and in each step she takes, all of Nature like tattoos, invade her legs, her arms, her thorax, her entire being is taken by the Earth’s form..... From her eyes, overwhelming Love and Devotion, you can see Her heart, an eternal flame of  Fires Passion, the sun of sun’s, the Ancient of Days spiraling galactic arms, twinkle with each blink of her starry eyes.... So much love of Nature pours  into each crevice of this land....

Grandmother Pele’. Mother Nature. the Divine Feminine in action, forever Creating our World new.