Egyptian Magic

Acrylic and Frankincense on Canvas
24” x 24” x 2”
Original $6,700

In the painting of “Egyptian Magic,” the central figure is of Thoth, God of Moon, Magic and Writing, he is the ancient Atlantean, record keeper and scribe. The cobra comes out through the ankh from the third charka, rising to the fourth, his heart, exhibiting his power of Transformation through love. It is said the magical powers of Thoth were so great, the Egyptians had tales he was the most powerful magician in the world knowing the "secrets of the gods themselves" and "all that is hidden in the stars".

Queen Nefertiti carries the ancient Emerald Tablets of wisdom and knowledge as she climbs a stairway to a golden gate made of ancient symbols. Inside the gate, waiting for her arrival is a white dragon and many other Beings of Light to assist her through to her Transformation. The hummingbird is her guide to enter through the gate by entering through the Eye of the Ankh. I do not know any correlation between Egypt and the hummingbird.  For me the hummingbird is a sign of joy and for healing to use plant medicine, such as herbs and my favorite medicine of hummingbird is a guide into the fairies realm, in this case here, she is being guided through the golden gate

Nefertiti was the favorite wife of King Akhenaton. Together they were the first rulers of their time to introduce the idea of a monolithic God.  At his death he was branded a heretic and a rebel and the idea of One God was squelched and the old ways of idol worship were restored. 
In the painting, King Akhenaton too is waiting for her on the other side.

The Story and Introduction: 
In the year 2001, Thoth appeared to me for the first time, me not knowing who he was or much at all about Egyptian mythology, really just helped me believe it more.. He introduced himself to me at my first breath workshop; the class consists of breathing consciously with intent for almost two hours. I had begun using the Yogi Breath of Fire meditation and knew how powerful that was for me I wasn’t sure if I could deep breath for two hours straight. I decided to try.

Almost immediately it felt like I was transported, into the inside of a giant pyramid. I had a strong feeling I’d done this breath work before. A strange golden bird with a long beak appeared before me and it took me Spirit traveling. Two hours later, I wasn’t ready to stop breathing. I wanted to keep going.

Afterwards while sharing my experience; we figured out that this golden bird was Thoth. Not knowing anything about him I immediately looked him up on the Internet, he is most often depicted as a man with the head of an ibis holding a scribe's palette and stylus. He was also shown as a full ibis, or sometimes as baboon.  I discovered that it is said in the translation of “The Emerald Tablets”, Thoth was an immortal who founded a colony in Khem, Ancient Egypt after fleeing the sinking of Atlantis. He ruled 16,000 years, from approximately 52,000B.C. to 36,000BC. It is said that Thoth built the Great Pyramid of Giza, (erroneously attributed to Cheops) directly over the entrance to the Halls of Amenti. Those in the age of darkness, which followed his passing, defied Thoth as the God of wisdom, and a Being who had gained immortality. He is believed to have been thrice born as the Greek god Hermes and Merlin as well.

Image from the Wikipedia encyclopedia.

Image from the Wikipedia encyclopedia.

Originally I did not feel connected to Egyptian themes. After the workshop Thoth came to me twice more, once in vision with golden symbols and once in a spontaneous shamanic journey. The visions journey was extremely powerful and I thanked him for coming to me. But that had been it for his appearances in over two years until he showed up in my painting. 

As I stated before Egyptian Mythology had never interested me, I felt unconnected and actually intimidated by it. 

At the end of my first journey with Auyawaska a medicine plant from the Amazon used to open vision, I saw the Egyptian Goddess Nefertiti bow her eyes in recognition to me twice. Therefore to honor this experience I have a bust of her in one of my sacred spaces in my home. That had been my conscious touch on Egypt up until that point. 

I’d met a woman at a retreat in Sedona; she had been to the Great Pyramid of Giza and meditated with a small pennant of Nefertiti in which she said she was guided to gift me. Upon receiving it I took it as a sign and said out loud, “okay I‘m opening to this information I have been so fearful of receiving in the past, with regards to all this strange mystery around Egypt.”

At 12pm on the Winter Solstice, I held a ceremony in the Medicine wheel near my home/studio with a group lead by a Native American friend, Bear Cloud. Sacred geometry was used with songs, tones and vibrations, all were apart of the ceremony and it was beautifully powerful.

I began Thoth the day after this ceremony. I had been preparing the blank canvas for a few days before this. I like to Bless and sing and in many ways honor the canvas I am about to bring Spirit onto. I could feel the painting was going to have a strong energy about the Goddess. Then the male figure appeared after it dried I was surprised to see the Ibis above his head. I knew then that this was no ordinary man, this was Thoth the Ancient Atlantean who is known as the Scribe, for his keeping of esoteric records as well as written word and much more. Besides the fact that I could see from the beginning he was certainly connected to his feminine, I didn’t know where else the Goddess fit in and that was fine with me. Still, I was thrilled to be given this opportunity to explore Thoth within the magic of my painting.

One week after I began painting on Thoth I received a call from an activist friend of mine from Los Angeles. She had been trying to get onto the Navajo/Dine’ reservation to deliver some supplies, but the roads were too muddy to get in. She was looking for a place to crash for the night before making the long drive home.

I hadn’t seen her since I’d moved to Sedona. Like sisters we sat and talked, candles flickering in front of the sacred space where Nefertiti sits. She began telling me how she feels she has so much darkness inside it frightens her. I ask if she wanted to share what she meant. She continued with a detailed description of a reoccurring dream that had taken place in a pyramid in ancient Egypt. In one part of the dream she was watching from above a woman desperately dragging herself across the stone cold floor of a dark tomb on a level below the main floor of the pyramid. When she backed up, the scene revealed the woman had no legs from the knees down. With tears in her eyes she expressed how traumatizing this dream was to her.

Then she said she saw a National Geographic program afterwards on the Discovery channel describing the possible discovery of Nefertiti’s tomb, which had never been found. As the camera panned they showed the dark tomb, the body had been buried arms crossed over the heart like royalty in ancient Egypt, but they couldn’t explain why her legs were broken at the knees. The tomb had been robbed and desecrated; therefore they closed it back up stating no proof existed and Nefertiti’s missing tomb was never confirmed.  She believed the woman in her dream was Nefertiti. Julia’s story sent chills up my spine.

She was very upset, I said the information must have come to her for a reason, and suggested she go into a meditation and ask why. She did so and immediately Nefertiti came in and said, ask Cher to help free me. She said she’s been buried with a curse that has held her powers of wisdom in bondage. I listened silently knowing Julia did not know I have often worked with disincarnate spirits. We both sat silent apprehension for a while feeling the possibilities and if this actually could be true. I did not like hearing what she said.

The next day after she left, I began doing research on Egypt and the history in the time Nefertiti was alive. She was the favorite wife married to King Akhenaton, they were the first rulers of this time to introduce the idea of a monolithic God. Eventually he had many cult statues and deities destroyed throughout Egypt and forbid this type of worship. This sole worship was unprecedented and caused quite a silent upheaval. He was branded a heretic and a rebel after his death and the old ways of worship were restored. 

It’s no secret that the people of ancient Egypt took great pains to insure a proper burial for entrance into the afterlife and black magic was a huge part of this time period as well. The more I read and understood the more I felt this story could actually be true.

Fear continued to surface for me, who was I to go into all this old Egyptian black magic stuff and mess with the unknown. I had enough of my own; I did not feel I needed to be meddling in someone else’s dark death. 

But I had been asked and I couldn’t ignore that. I prepared a place in my studio in front of the Thoth painting and went into a meditation where I asked what I could do to help in this situation, (always asking for my Highest Good.) Osiris came in right away, then Horus and many deities of Egypt. I was told they were preparing a gate of golden symbols that grew deep into the earth reaching the Halls of Amenti where all records of antiquity are kept. I felt relieved I wasn’t alone in this adventure and agreed to do what I could.

Afterwards I tuned into my painting and meditated with it for a while, I had seen a face within the paint the day before, and now I could see the whole vision and release that was explained to me in my mediation. 

In the mystery schools in Egypt, you have the Left Eye of Horus- female, The Right Eye of Horus- male, and the Third Eye of Horus- the child, which is considered the study of life. The Egyptians deemed life the most valuable school of all. Life here on Earth is all about teaching and learning, giving and receiving. To the ancient Egyptians your everyday normal life is perceived has deep mystical significance. Everything we think, feel and do creates the lessons in the world in which we live in.


Great intelligence, wisdom and love are present in every moment inside us. Perfecting our character, striving for Transformation and at the same time let go, allowing any pain, sorrow or difficultly to just be there. Allow Transformation to unfold and evolve in its own time as we traverse the paths in our world the best way we know how. 

True Transformation is authentic alchemy it will reveal a change, like base metal into gold. This Transformation can only happen with our hearts, letting go of intellect. When Buddha, after years of seeking finally gave up, that very night he became enlightened. Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Abraham, Krishna, Babaji are just a few examples of teachers showing us how to build character. All things form and transform within the mysterious cycles of time. Birth, growth, death and decay define the physical experience of life on earth in this dimension. Thoth has used alchemy in transformation, he is immortal immaculate.

*The history books I read on King Akhenaton sounded like they didn’t like him.  I wonder why? Seems we just need to make our own investigations and not blindly trust a so-called history book, sad but true..

more information on Thoth; Dunvalo Melchizedek