Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas

White Eagle powers your Third Eye, 
Healer Master wise.
Crazy Horse awakens…
His place of Balance, within.
Rainbow colors shower.
Bless this Medicine Power. 

Cher Lyn

In the painting of “Crazy Horse,” one side of him is a white eagle feather a sign of pure power bridging the spirit world to the physical plane here on Earth. On the other side is blazing firepower for transformation. Crazy Horse is one who possessed Medicine Power, supernatural powers as prophet, seer, leader and spiritual healer. He had the ability to commune with spirits dwelling on all levels of Creation. His face painted with the six-pointed star is a key of ancient cultures, Sacred Geometry come together and in itself is a Medicine Power. Medicine Power conveys balance of the masculine and feminine within the infinite circle. 

The dictionary acknowledges medicine as a synonym for magic, relating to magical forms of healing.  Medicine Power doesn’t only represent healing the body from illness, but includes the design of finding all things of the Earth and Cosmo’s as a gift. Native Americans use the word medicine to describe inexplicable forces beyond our perception. Medicine Power can be a stone, bone, plant, animal or even a paint brush; everything is alive with spirit and potential medicine. The love in your heart is the most powerful Medicine.  Your Medicine Power is innately always in you without a talisman, still a talisman helps you remember.  

Wake up, take notice, and watch for omens and signs for the gifts of Medicine Powers are always available to you. Don’t be fooled by Medicine just because it seems small to your ego, the ant is a very powerful Medicine. 

Drawing the Medicine Power card is not to be taken lightly. This card signifies a high possibility for an arrival coming from a mysterious force that will gift you on an occasion, watch for signs. Within you have Medicine Power to heal what troubles you in your world.