Cosmic Buddha

Original $7700
Acrylic on Canvas
30” x 30” x 2”

In the painting “Cosmic Buddha,” the awakened one is depicted deep in mediation. The world around him is the ever-expanding Cosmic Universe. His Spirit merges as he has become one with the Universe and simultaneously the Universe is within him. The Buddha’s final words were, “All composite things pass away. Strive for your own liberation with diligence.”

 The purpose of Mediation is to connect with the silence that ever permeates our Universe, finding meaning and purpose to life. There is not a more powerful purpose than strengthening your connection with the now within you. The whole of the practice is to bring your attention to see yourself face to face, in the now, divine, complete and as you truly are. Use Meditation to focus, to cultivate awareness of the silence that is innately in you alongside of your thoughts. Seek to be completely present in the now. 

There are many traditions and ways to meditate, with your eyes closed or open, there is no right and wrong way, find what works for you. As your perspective widens you will find that all of life, everything that you do can be meditation. 

Divine Intelligence emanates from the Infinite that knows all. Because you are one with the All, you have access to this Divine intelligence, your intuition. The strength or the frequency of Divine intelligence depends upon your dedication spent in prayer and meditation. Your spiritual practice is exercise for your soul. The more you practice, the stronger and more liberated you become.

You are invited to meditate and liberate.  Perhaps you have perceived the Source to be somewhere outside of you, forces, spirits, gods and goddesses and astrological movements in the sky, in another place. One day you learn through practicing Mediation, a shift in your consciousness occurs in which you open to see that the spiritual world is within you where it has always been.

Cosmic Buddha enlightened man
Prays for the people, he prays for the land.
Sitting in silent Meditation.
Solace in the Infinite contemplation.
We are never alone.
 We sit to remember what we have always known.

Cher Lyn