Butterfly Metamorphous

Original 24 x28"  
Acrylic/Mixed Media.
Original $4,800

In the painting, “Butterfly Metamorphous” holds her head proud, as hot tar meant to scar, is transformed into the lace of her crown. Strong in stance, she’s risen in perspective, and can see in truth above all, it has been judgment upon her self that’s been her strongest challenge. Finding compassion and forgiveness for herself first, is the gentle key of alchemy she uses to transform. The tar metamorphous as a shower of jewels found deep within the dark night, coal cascading from her crown. She sends this gift of forgiveness to all who have harmed her.  The stairs lead upward and her words in command state, “All I’ve experienced is transcended into the Light.” 

“Ney I draw spire from fear… to rage.
The mind I see is a key…a foe to cage…
or this, it be… a friend to free.
Delegate, communicate bestow a greater task,
Observe, witness, enthuse my heart to ask.

My mind inspires my heart you see.
Together we create… hardship or harmony.” 
Cher Lyn