Original $4,800
Acrylic on Canvas
24 "X 30" X 2"

The prison is hidden inside of your mind
Bound and shackled… not easy to find. 
Courage of spirit is what it will take
For your perception to Breakthrough… 
a heroic escape.

Cher Lyn

There is an internal/external primary force that is omnipresent and infinite. Scientists have labeled it “The Universal Hum”. It is spoken about in the Bible, “in the beginning was the word”. The word is a sound vibration permeating our very soul and the entire universe. 

Ancient cultures have always recognized similar stories of Creation and sound. All indigenous tribes have used instruments such as drums, rattles, the didgeridoo and chanting to create tone vibrations for healing and connecting to Earth and Cosmic energies beyond this third dimensional world. Science is now coming to recognize ancient spiritual knowledge. How nice!

Sometimes especially in nature, when I quite my mind after prayer and meditation, I can feel my heartbeat in sync with the pulsating universal hum that permeates the whole. I can feel the thick illusions of my physical reality melt away into the truth of ONENESS with the Supreme Source. I can connect with the Creator within myself and feel the truth that there is no separation. I can create my reality. I am. I Am. I AM!       

This painting began whilst caught in a thick angry muck of illusion. I allowed myself to express it all out onto the canvas. From my choice of the colors red for anger, olive for muck, to the expressions for movement of emotion onto the canvas, hence the boxed in lines you see throughout the background, the prison in my mind. Painting has always proven to be healing for me, working through deep emotions this way, and this time was no different…I felt much better afterwards.  

The next stage of the painting… I used my usual prayer and meditation, along with my didgeridoo and lots of sage and cedar smoke to clear the energies. As emotions cooled and sage cleared, healing colors and images of life emerged. The tree indicates new growth and cool blue water was poured on the hot red coals. The lion brings clarity and medicine of courage through these times of darkness and pain. Cosmic white light energy spirals into the top of the head and activates the pituitary, opening the spiritual eye.

Breakthrough illusions by remembering we are the creator of our own circumstances. The imprisoning grids of our mind/emotion limitations are revealed and transformed through love and light. In the painting her movement through the dark is purposeful with intent. Her eyes are filled with love, as she commands the top of her head to open remembering we are not our pain, this false identity. We are not our anger, yet it must be released. 

As neon storm clouds spin around the illusions of daily life, a higher spiritual awareness is required to awaken the knowledge of our sacred heart. The traumas and suppression that we have endured in this life are weighted heavily on the emotional body. The binding straitjacket we can sometimes find our selves in can be traced back to what has been programmed into the mind by our DNA and “civilized” conditionings.

The Blue Energy of water suggests an emotional catharsis washing away the heavy pain that has kept the spirit repressed. The feather offers new flight to the next level of evolution. It is in this realm that we will find the freedom we seek. This motion sends electric charges of light that clear perception and give energy that is necessary to shift into a groove that feels right.

Breakthrough 4x5.jpg

Our stories are deep-rooted, and until we begin the journey of awakening the process to Breakthrough the illusion of “the story,” they will continue to deceive and define. The ego identifies purely with the story. Holding on to the ego’s stories, especially those laced with inner demons, are the stories that cause emotional pain and are the major causes of fear-based reactions in the body. They result in that tight, knotted or sick feeling inside the gut that indicates stress. Certainly these emotions feel real, but they are in fact triggered by the thoughts and beliefs of a memory motivated in our minds from a prior situation, usually traceable back to childhood. 

Seeing the illusion of those memories, from the perspective of conscious awareness and being in the now, is the perceptual shift that frees us. Then letting go of the past happens naturally, and we can experience true emotional harmony, a Breakthrough.

In trusting that there is a Soul gift while faced with challenges that are taking place helps free up the illusion. An open heart creates new inspiration and is a motivator to breakthrough whatever has been blocking the way to true fulfillment. Saying “yes,” will not make of us anything that we are not already, but it will, over time, destroy the false belief that we are this body, this mind, this story, this life. This false identity is the root cause of all human suffering.

This medicine in this painting carries the energies of a Breakthrough. It does take focused intention for the coercing of the “ego dust” to clear it from our old ways of seeing, but our intuition is a powerful guide through the gates. 

In the painting she commands the top of her head to open, to remember who she is and why she is here, to see again clearly and breakthrough the illusion to walk in Love and balance.