Blue Oracle Woman

Acrylic on Canvas
30 "X 40" X 1"

In the painting of “Blue Oracle Woman,” each symbol has significant meaning and is eternally unfolding anew. The sun and the moon together is a symbol of balance. The stag antlers amplify the ability to Shape Shift into other dimensional realms. A strong medicine as it inspires compassion and gentleness with unimaginable strength. The effect of indigo blue indicates natural authority and gifts in communication. Her sensitivities and intuitive perceptions are mysterious rich textured and reveal clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and determination. 

The Tree of Life weaves its branches into her hair and the roots into her bones.  The Celtic cross is one she has worn in many forms. In her hands are spirals, representing infinite creation. They are symbols of the coiled serpent or dragon regarded as sacred in the old religion. The Merkabah has been a symbol of creation since the beginning of time. “Blue Oracle Woman” is loaded with magical abilities and is able to Shape Shift any situation into love. 

… the Shape Shifter
Lady of the forest sings true the sacred lore… of a once known passage
From the deep, deep blue… 
                                                         To the Elders ancient core…
Merkabah spins the stars… the spirals do the same… an ancient cross seeds the tree…
Shed thy shame… shift and free the gift in thee.

Cher Lyn

It is the shaman who explores the spirit worlds of other dimensions of reality for wisdom and insight. In the ancient days when humans were more connected to the spiritual essence of Mother Nature, this was a common and valuable practice. He/she can shape shift from one form to another and journey that way, or communicate with the spirits of the elements and animals. These are journeys into the professed unknown and unseen forces of creation. It is an inner drive of curiosity and an absolute courage that move these inner explorers to seek the secrets of creation.

The Story:
I began painting my first spiritual portrait back in 1987 on the canvas that is now entitled Blue Oracle Woman. I had painted several portraits of friends and relatives. I found within the process I would fall deeply in love with the person’s soul whose portrait I was painting.  Eventually the thought came to me that it would be a good idea to paint my own portrait. My self-esteem, all aspects of self were quite low on the totem pole in my self-love department so the idea seemed brilliant, at least worth a try. 

Over several years I painted my portrait three times over on the same canvas trying to love myself.  Although others said and I agree, each painting was beautiful, I continued to cover her up with paint attempting again and again. Above all cares of a pretty painting, each try without success, never found the love of self I was seeking.  Therefore, surrendering to the idea that my portrait was not opening some doorway to self-love, in 1999, I poured dark blue paint over the whole canvas to start over.


The mystical spirit of Blue Oracle Woman seemed to emerge through the indigo in a magical enfoldment.  Sometimes what is required is to stop trying so hard, in this case I had to quit looking in order to find my way. This time I dug into an area of shamanic spiritualism, which for me was much more interesting than attempting to love myself by painting myself pretty. In this letting go and cutting loose so to speak, I discovered a mysterious part of myself, this time I felt a love for her right from the start with out even trying. 

In Native American cultures as well as the ancient Celts and Druids, all Indigenous tribal cultures see everything as being alive. Each living thing has a specific role. Everything on Earth, whether it is a stone, a tree or an ant, the clouds, sun, moon and stars, an animal or human being, All are our relatives. In Celtic traditions the sun is not seen for instance as a deity, nor is it about the worship of trees or rocks, however we do see the eternal flame of Love that the Creator placed in all Creation and we recognize and honor their spiritual essence. There is only “One” original source and we call that Creative Source, the Creator or the Great Mystery. God has many names. All life matters and we honor the medicines of all life forms as sacred extensions of the Creator’s Divine plan.

Every animal has a powerful spirit. Sometimes a Being from the spirit world may use an animal to convey a message to us as human beings. The stag antlers she wears in a crown symbolizes balance and her connection to the Divine. The stag denotes the ability to shape shift into other dimensional realms and the medicine is powerful as it inspires compassion and gentleness with unimaginable strength. 

The Celtic cross around her neck in the painting, is one I have worn in many forms. The history of this powerful symbol is an infinite symbol that is far more intricate then words can do it justice. It is so primal that it exists in all cultures. The circle is unending signifying the infinite cycle of life. The vertical and the horizontal coming together at the center place of the life giving force of the sun imply the four directions to include the joining forces of Heaven and Earth.

The Tree of Life weaves its branches into her hair reaching into the sky and the roots into her bones, and deep in the earth uniting above and below. It is a symbol of resurrection a potent symbol of immortality. It is both a feminine symbol, bearing sustenance, and a visibly masculine phallic symbol.

The stag was the first animal medicine that came to me when I was four years old. In my younger years the experiences I encountered taught me how to enter into other worlds, other dimensions and shape shift my self and my reality, which proved a viable initiation and coping method at the time. Blue Oracle Woman is my first personal spiritual portrait. The process of painting her has taught me much about me that never would have evolved had I quit and settled for the “conditioned” idea... of who I thought I was.


As dreamers and seers we are open to possibilities of perception not limited by the rational mind.  With intention we can shape shift our realities to create something more meaningful.  We can begin to shape shift ourselves out of rigid patterns that have conditioned and imprisoned us.  Allowing a rebuilding of our selves free from all karmic conditioning of past history.  And we can begin to shift the collective dream that is causing disharmony in our world.  We are on a Path of the Heart, transcending the lessons of duality.  Love is the vehicle for this dance of integration.  Forgiveness is an essential part, and faith the glue that holds it all together, especially when life seems harsh a shape shift is sometimes just what we need.