Acrylic and Rue on Canvas
40 "X 50" X 2"
Original Sold

There is a moment when your eyes open from within. The physical remains the same, but it is as though you are seeing things for the first time. This AWAKENING is a rebirth of who you really are... This is a moment of magick.

Awakening from whence ye came, 
Once upon a time…asleep. 
From the same old same…dark and deep. 
Awaken from the dream within the dream.
Loosen the threads of your illusional seam.
The time is come to open your eyes
Awaken to help you realize…
Who you are... 
Sister/brother, kin of the stars…

Cher Lyn

The Story: I painted awakening in April of 2000, to honour my grandmother and her passing into the spirit world. She was a God loving woman who lived her life serving, and loving everyone around her. She loved Jesus Christ with all her heart; therefore in the preparation and during the process I called in the Spirit of the Christ energies to assist me in the painting and honouring of her life. 

My studio was situated on ancient Chumash Tribal Ceremonial land in the mountains of Malibu over looking the ocean. I used the plant medicine of Rue in the paint and burned sage and cedar to carry my prayers to Great Spirit. I sang chants to honour and call in Christ, as the Red Tail hawk flew above blessing my space, a messenger with it’s hawks cries merging with my soulful song of love and respect for all she was to me. In ancient cultures, animals are recognized and mean much more than they do in our culture, and hawk is a guide and a messenger from Great Spirit to awaken our visions and inspire us to create a life purpose.

I began to see the face emerge out of the paint and spirit onto my canvas.  I saw that the Christ’s face is also a woman’s face and felt the Christ energy and my grandmother are one. The face is lifting from a crusted earth once held tight in the seams of illusions. The eyes are beginning to open from a deep sleep, as though my grandmother now passed into the spirit world was awakening from the illusion of separateness and she now remembers all she is and ever was, an Earth mother and keeper of ancient wisdom, oh and so much more. In her last days in the nursing home when I visited her, I sang her the Women’s Honoring song in Lakota, never hearing me sing it before, her eyes brightened up like a child and said, “what’s that. Perhaps she remembered somewhere in her ancient roots of Celtic tradition of Earth honoring. The song sparked the little girl in her to wake up.

“Awakening,” I see now is not just a painting of my grandmothers honouring but an honouring of all grandmothers and their wisdom remembered. And the actualization that we as women no longer need to wait to be old to be the Wise Woman, the Mother Earth needs us to awaken. We are Maiden, Mother and Crone now. The Christ face and my grandmothers’ face represent the male and female in balance assisting in bringing us into harmony. Giving us a deeper understanding of the nature of Yin and Yang. Together with the Grandmother infused with the Christ, we embark on a quest where the feminine is Sacred once again and the Divine masculine is in balance within. One soul union where we live our lives to our fullest potential, awakening to the true Love that we are living in harmony once again, Awakening to the full circle complete in our human evolution.

It is time to awaken to a more authentic human being.  No one else has the same path as individuals and We are ready. The choice of Awakening into our highest potential and bringing our self into a deeper understanding of Yin and Yang is now. It may not look like we expect, does it ever?  Still, we can expect a miraculous event to unfold in our Awakening. Sometimes we don’t know the light was off, until it’s on. It is a most personal experience and is bound to change the course of life’s journey. Sometimes this can be subtle and other times it is like a complete rebirth.

This is a time of new emergence, new information and new behavior. Emerging through the Awakening process always brings new insight and new motivation for good changes in our lives (even if they feel scary, change can feel like that sometimes,) and is a powerful movement toward the shifting of old reality perceptions and behaviors. As we awaken our memory, our vibration frequency raises and creates a space for others to awaken as well. 

The medicine in the painting “Awakening” is an inspiration to awaken from the dream and realize that who we thought we were is not limited to thought, emotion or form.  Beyond the imaginary seeker, beyond concepts and beliefs, there is a field of pure innocence. In this truth we are this deep peace and sacredness, which is absolute and beyond all intellectual understanding.