20" x 24”
Original Sold

Golden Wings translucent like clouds
Tones her Truth and chants out loud!
She cradles the Souls, lifts them up… freedom sun.
Through Ariel unconditional love has come.

The artwork of Archangel Ariel shows Her holding a pink sphere embodying the Souls on Earth.  The color pink is significant of unconditional love, the most potent of powers.  She stands invincible in this love, justice, and Her Truth, fully realized and strong in Her core. 

You consist of a multitude of strengths and weaknesses, Truths and non-truths. Each quality creates judgments and perceptions hiding the knowledge of who you really are. Be respectful with your innocence and truthful with yourself about what you would label your weakness, fear of speaking your Truth perhaps? Clear the deceit, be they lies to yourself and others or those liars you bring into your life or both. Allow Truth to transmute all inconsistencies that have been misleading you. 

You could look at guilt as merely the ego’s conditioning in an attempt to feel you are making moral progress. You may decide, oh how interesting, look at that, my human conditioning, I am not falling for that one anymore, nor do I need to judge myself for that lie. Ask your self what is the real Truth here for me? Am I practicing unconditional love? Drop all façades, love your self unconditionally, you must remember to give yourself love. The more you speak your truth from your heart, weather heard or not, energetically you offer up a field of opportunity where others can tune in and learn to connect to their Truth. 

The gift of this medicine card is urging you to strive honestly in your morals.  Be aware, deceptions brought into awareness contain the greatest potential for change. Connect with the pink sphere in your heart, bringing unconditional love to yourself and let Truth rule supreme in all that you do and say. Shine your Truth like the Archangel Ariel in unconditional love and realize what is innately yours, power in love, Truth and freedom.