About Cher Lyn

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At thirteen years old a blessing occurred for me when I discovered I could draw while in an art class at school. Fired with passion and dedication I drew every day. Art demonstrated to me, right from the beginning an emotional healing tool for my mind and a temporary refuge from the pain of living in an abusive household.  If it were not for Art, I don’t believe I would not have survived . . .

My intention is that my painting, portals, codes and logos bless you as they have me.” 

“I’ve painting in passion almost daily since 1986.  Inspired in Nature, by visions and deep listening, I’ve lived, “Painted, Played and Prayed, at times 15 to 18 hours a day, living on Ancient Chumash ceremonial land in the mountains of Malibu, California. And Maui’s magical jungles of Hawaii, and in Glastonbury, England on the Holy Isle of Avalon… and presently residing studio with the powerful Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ.” 

Self-taught, this visionary artist travels the physical world and paints the numinous found deep within the spirit world. She brings the essence of her journeys to life on the canvas with an intention to illuminate all who gaze upon them. “Her images invite you past the borders of her paintings and guide you through multidimensional worlds of mystical story myth, emotion and texture.” Four Corners Magazine 2002

While exhibiting in the International Agape Center of Los Angeles, California, their practitioners used Cher Lyn’s paintings as mediation tools for their teaching. 

In honoring Mother Earth Her children, as a peaceful activist for the environment, various Indigenous cultures and transforming through creativity… *At least 10 % of original art sales are donated to indigenous cultures and ecological preservation.    


About the Symbol


1987 when I began painting daily, I wanted a symbol as my signature, something sacred opposed to just my name on the front of the painting. 

The three dots represent the stars that make up the belt from the constellation Orion. Since I was a child, when I could see them through my window at night I’d directed my prayers through them … the Trinity Stars. 

The spiral in the lower center spins, mirroring the heavens, and moving forward, coming from and into the Great Mystery of Creation. The upright triangle in the center honors the Father Heaven. The two reversed triangles honor the Mother Earth and Holy Heart Child. 

The four lines flowing down represent the Four Directions and Elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Water. The Moon I love and was inspired by my wolf/dog born on the half Moon ~ the symbol fit perfectly for my Native love.  



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