In 1987 I began painting what I called spiritual portraits of my dear friends, only to find as I painted, my love went deeper for them. Filled with wonderment at that realization, since then I have continued my work passionately painting ~ most everyday… 
In 2004 by request, I expanded into offering these personal prayer paintings for the public. I am honored beyond words to bring this work through! 



A commissioned Soul painting of your Higher Self is brought forth with the intention to create a masterpiece on canvas and a “masterpiece of you”, filled with portals of Medicine. 

Every painting is as unique as we are. I ask to be shown anything that is ready to be transformed and through intention, I call it, “lifting the veils,”, to create your painting.  

Should you decide to move forward with a Spirit Soul painting, know you are supported, and this Soul Painting is something you have chosen to do for YOU.  Honor that.  You are worth it, and initiations such as this, brought about through prayer can be profound for shifting things in your life. 

I meditate and with a prayer intention I ask for the highest to assist me in my work, for your highest good. I begin bringing through Love and Light for your awareness, and transformation.   

I have your name and date of birth written and placed on an altar. 

The painting is a gateway, filled with codes specifically for you, a transmission onto the canvas, which acts as a personal portal specifically designed for you. Your Soul painting can continue to reveal and unfold for you, as you are ready. 

Offering a talisman for life.

  • Requesting the implementation of commissioned works and soul paintings requires an email and we will share some in person or over the phone about what you may be working on at this time in your life. A personal visit by you is, wonderful but not a requirement. 
  • Process takes at least 8 weeks. Studio visits can be arranged after prior appointment. 
  • Standard size 16 x 20” $3800. 
  • Smaller priced commissions may be arranged. 

If you would like to commission your own soul painting, please fill out the form below. 

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