Ascended Masters

“White Owl’s Flight”

Ancient Wisdom



“Rainbow Blesser”


“Miracle Moon”



Core Healing

“Creations Child”


“Bird Tribe Child”






“Sitting Bull”


“Old Robe”


“Beloved Magdalene”


“Medicine Baby”


“Geronimo Spiritbird”


“Mother Pearl”


“Quan Yin at Summer Solstice”


“Rain Maker”

Ebb & Flow

“Earth Mother of the Oceans”


“Aboriginal Dream”

Goddess of Air

“Medicine Baby”

Goddess of Fire

“Medicine Baby”

Goddess of Earth

“Medicine Baby”




“Shroud of Turin”


“Shaman Tree”


“Cosmic Connections”


“Warrior Unmasked”



Goddess of Water

“Medicine Baby”

Higher Knowledge



“Faerie Child”


“Initiation Tree”

Higher Choices

“Creations Child”

Healing Tools

“Changing Dolphin”


“Cosmic Christ”


“Cosmic Buddha”

Medicine Power

“Crazy Horse”


“Honoring the Goddess”


“Rainbow Blesser”


“Three Ladies of the  Sky”



Open Heart

“Heart of the Jewel”

New Growth

“Blue Corn Maiden”


“Vision of Mary”


“Still I Rise”




“Archangel Michael”


“Blue Star PeTanka”


“Mother Mary”

Sacred Union

“Twin Soul”

Self Mastery

“Sun Eagle Fly”

Self Esteem

“Maya the Virgin”


“Moon Maidens”


“Honoring the Goddess”

Sister’s Healing

“Hale Lehua”


“Prayer for Africa”

Soul’s Purpose



“Blue Oracle Woman”


“Creations Child”


“Egyptian Magic”


“Archangel Ariel”

The Gift

“Owl Woman”



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Medicine Cards

Copyright © Cher Lyn.  All rights reserved.  

Much of my lifetimes work I share from my experiential moments.  In the Mystic Medicine of magic and transformation, these cards offer a self-empowering Tool to reveal what one already knows within.

64 4x6 cards accompanied by 158 page illustrated booklet.

Please feel free to explore the stories here on my site within the various galleries .  As you work with the cards, my sharing of the experiential moments Spirit exudes in the painting come forth in story and may lead to more insights. Always I recommend use your own insight first before reading any of my writings.     Blessed Awakenings, Cher Lyn


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A box set includes 64 cards, 4x6 vibrantly hued images, plus a 158 page illustrated booklet.

More MEDICINE CARD ... Testimonies

Thank you, thank you thank you for creating the Mystic Art Medicine Cards, We love them but the people that have come on our last two "Pathways to Heart Based Living" retreats became addicted to them in an incredibly beautiful way. They immediately began to share their energies, and ohhh what incredibly powerful energies they have to share. We knew that these were very special Spiritual tools, far more than any other cards we have ever worked with and Flossie has hundreds of them.  They are so deep they actually scared us a little in that they invite you to go deeper and deeper.

We knew the cards where to support people that were moving to a higher level on their journey so we decided to bring them to our first Pathways retreat in September, the purpose of the retreat was to recognize and shed the stuff that was holding us back from "Being What I Believe". We had the cards spread out when the participants first arrived and invited them to invite a card into their energy. At dinner I told them about you By dinner time the participants were so deep in to each card that they brought them to dinner and were talking about them. The next 2 days they kept connecting with the cards --- it blew Flossie and I away as the cards supported the transformations so beautifully. Well we just held another retreat this past weekend and the same thing happened. I just had to share this with you.  Blessings of Peace, G. NJ.

I received your oracle cards for my birthday.  They are so beautiful!  I feel their power and energy and I am amazed you can do that with a painting and the energy stays in the cards.  I am working with the activation card right now, its power is intense! Thank you for being a channel to bring them forth, to give them form, so that I may connect with them and learn to allow them to help me in my life. Holly. AZ.

“I am an Inca-trained shaman, thrice ordained by the Andean mountain spirits.  I have been using Cher Lyn’s Mystic Medicine Cards the same way Inca shamans use coca leaves - to communicate with and receive guidance from my spirit guides. I do it every day.  The results have been truly magical.  I feel as connected to my spirit guides at my home in Hawaii as I did when I was in Peru.  I can also do it from anywhere in the world - as long as I have my Mystic Medicine Cards with me. I don’t know what I would do without them.” BD

I wanted to thank you for creating the beautiful mystic art cards I absolutely LOVE them.  I facilitate a Lightworker's Circle every month, and I brought them last night as part of our ritual.  They gave each one of us powerful medicine and we really love them! Paula, Chicago.

I have never seen other Cards with such a Shamanic light code encoded within. Christina, Italy

Just wanted you to know how much I Love your cards! I can feel your magic in them and am honored to have them. Just wanted you to know they are truly insightful! Going through major life transitions and changes. They are a source of comfort and joy to me.Anne

Just off the phone with my... Best friend from "Mainstream life"... She wanted to tell me about how "those cards you told me to buy" are MAGICAL and she said, I mean they are M-A-G-I-C-A-L REALLY!" Michelle. CA.

OH MY GODDESS! Your cards are so beautiful and full of life and the intention comes through clearly. The potency of the medicine is well received, like a homeopathic dose of all that IS. They are already a hit at the Sunspot and I shared with others tonight at Harmony Within. Lots of Ooos Aaahs and WoWs :)(: Kel, Indiana.

I just purchased your cards today at Crystal Magic in Sedona. I just want you to know I have never felt the energy and consciousness coming from any other deck. This is amazing, so thank you for your gift of wisdom and light that comes through these cards.   I am planning to put together an intuitive wisdom course using the cards. Each person will purchase this deck as my new course not quite ready yet with have this energy in it. Just wanted to share this with you. Sollena.


*All materials contained herein are designed for spiritual enjoyment and to be personally and spiritually uplifting. This information is not designed to provide medical advice, and is not professed to be a physical or medical treatment. Cher Lyn shall not be responsible or liable for any medical-related claims inferred from these materials.