Welcome to the Mystic Art Medicine of Cher Lyn. 

Art interwoven in Shamanic lore...


Soul Paintings Gallery

Offering transformation bringing through onto the canvas your Avatar Self.

Main Gallery

While I paint to transform myself, it is always with the intention that the paintings go on to inspire and awaken all who gaze upon them.

Tribal Gallery

The way of Indigenous tribes is an attitude, a state of mind a way of being in harmony with all things and all beings.

Goddess Gallery

The Divine Mother God in the feminine form abides infinitely in the heart of every being and in all Universes. She manifests forms of consciousness in union with  “God the Father.” In truth though, speaking of them as two creates the illusion of separateness.  They are bound for all Eternity as One.

Medicine Cards

The MYSTIC seeks the Truth because it confirms inside what we already know as intuition and union with the Divine. We are all inner mystics.

Poetry n’ Lore

Is essential to story the structure of magic. It isn't just the reading of a or poetry, but also the manifestation in creation that is important.

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Aristotle spoke of art as a form of emotional catharsis. If done effectively, it engages the viewer/audience/participant in a drama of emotional flow and dynamism potentially pushing us to states of ecstasy where the mind of the performer and the mind of the witness dissolve in a sense of co-creative aesthetic wonder. A melding of opposites where the viewer alters their consciousness to momentarily adopt the world view of the artist, who is momentarily One with the Creative Source, the Force that powers the galaxies.



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